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Website Design: user behaviours you might not expect

Website Design: user behaviours you might not expect

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When first investigating the world of website design, you’ll find out about the more established rules fairly quickly (never use comic sans, all pages only two clicks from the home page, etc).  However, there are also several very useful tips that are less well known that stem from common viewer behaviours that might seem unusual in any other environment.  Ketchup Marketing – website design Lincolnshire experts – are here to share them with you:

Web users have ‘banner blindness’.  It’s common practise for various websites to have adverts and banners around the edge of pages in order to increase revenue.  It’s such common practise, in fact, that people’s brains are now trained to ignore them.  The downside?  If any of your website’s menus/side-bars are designed in a way that makes them look like banners, people will ignore them.  A lesson the in value of understated design!

People don’t hang around the home-page for long.  Most of the time when people land on a website, they’re seeking something very specific: a file, a programme, some information, etc.  Websites should serve a purpose, so make sure that yours does.  All that time you were planning on spending designing a beautifully crafted home page would be better spent on creating useful information that people will actually want to look for!

Website users are not patient. To paraphrase Douglas Adams, ‘The internet is big.  Really big.  You just won’t believe how mind-bogglingly huge it is.’  Why then, in this massive mound of information, would people spend time navigating a poorly designed site when they could visit a pleasant, well-designed one that gives them the information they’re seeking quickly and easily?  The answer of course, is that they wouldn’t.  Make your site incredibly easy to use, or suffer the consequences.

People don’t read sites in the same way as they read books.  It’s common for those viewing a website to not take in anything they read until they see what they’re looking for.  That’s why highlighting keywords is a really, really good idea.  If there’s a term that’s vital to your site’s popularity such as ‘free music lessons’ or ‘latest software demos’, then highlight them in bold or by underlining, and you’ll avoid the risk of people simply dismissing them along with other text and going somewhere else.

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