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The website design features that everybody hates

The website design features that everybody hates

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We love website design at Ketchup.  Creating a stylish new site that can help a firm reach a whole new audience is one of the most rewarding things that you can achieve in working life.  Do you know what’s not rewarding or successful, though?  A website that uses any of these features:

Comic sans font. If you want to instantly create the impression that your site was created by a 15 year old who ‘just luvs twilight lolz’, then this is a sure-fire way to do so.  NOTHING screams unprofessional like the use of comic sans.  Don’t believe us – go and explore old Myspace pages, and see how many people under 16 use it.

Surveys. We’ve all seen this used.  You’re carrying out some research and manage to find the perfect source of information…only for it to demand you fill out a two page survey on your shopping habits before you can access the page.  If your website uses surveys, it instantly loses all credibility.  You have been warned.

Pop-up windows.  It might be the oldest annoyance in the history of the web, but there is still nothing that gets our hackles rising like pop up windows.  You’re looking at a guitar website when suddenly BOOM! You’re confronted with a screen-filling pop-up advert about car insurance.  It’s irrelevant, it’s pointless and it’s mind-numbingly irritating.

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