Brando, Pacino and De Niro all rolled into one.
SEO: Not A Dark Art.  Honest.

SEO: Not A Dark Art. Honest.

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Search engine optimisation.  Three simple words that, if you believe certain rumours from uninformed people, hide a dark world of manipulation and intrigue where seedy men in dark glasses spend their hours working out the ideal way to fool the big ‘G’.

I WISH it was that cool.  I can just imagine spending all day swaggering around, dressed in £8000 suits and voicing gravelled Sicilian orders into the flashiest mobile on the market.

I am Brando, Pacino and De Niro all rolled into one.  I am the tamer of the search engines.  I am the SEO Father.

Needless to say, the truth is rather different, with rather less sun-drenched orange groves and rather more excel spreadsheets.   A website gone busy, rather than a good man gone bad.

I might be getting carried away with the metaphor but the point is this:  SEO is an effective, cost-efficient and transparent way to improve how effective your website is.  Glamorous and mysterious?  Maybe not, but utilise search engine optimisation in the right way and your website will get an increase in visitors.  This will mean more enquiries, more sales and bigger profits, all without the need for men in dark glasses and slavering Alsatians.

Let’s see Al Pacino pull that off.

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