Think before you ink
The best ads aren’t created in an ad agency

The best ads aren’t created in an ad agency

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You can sit down in the office with a limitless supply of paper and spend hours flogging your brain into a walnut. But, and this is a copywriter’s top tip, you’re better off having an idea before you start work. Get up early and run a hot bath. Climb in and forget about everything. Let the brief chatter away in the background. Ignore it. Treat yourself to a few bath time puns (ideas on tap, product plug, soft soaping the client and so on). Then suddenly – ping – there it is. A proper idea.

Think before you ink

So, before you even pick up a pen, have a think. Decide on your brand stance, your persona and your communication strategy. Do some research into competitive activity. Define their strategies and devise one that is divergent but devastatingly attractive to your target market. Develop a copy platform and a tone of voice that’ll prove irresistible to your audience. Then you can start fooling about with words.

Headlines. And no, this isn’t one

Bold type on its own does not make a headline. Proper headlines usually encapsulate the proposition and communicate the reason why a consumer should buy your product, rather than your competitor’s. Headlines should be snappy, memorable, informative, endearing…all in half a dozen words. 12 max.

Or. Headlines can inspire curiosity. They lead you to the selling message in the copy below. They should work with the picture to present an inescapable product truth. Of course, you’ll need across-the-desk access to an art director or a designer to achieve this. So, unless one of your colleagues is handy with crayons…

Next time we’ll talk about writing copy. Finally.

Coming soon… Copy as she am writ.


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