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Tangled Webs

Tangled Webs

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I was in Oz recently. While I was exploring the outback (well, out the back of the hotel anyway) I was lucky enough – if that’s the phrase – to meet a hairy old scary. Not a local sheep-shearer dressed as a Sheila; I came face-to-face with a bird-eating tarantula the size of a hand of bananas. And it didn’t look like it was in a good mood. Naturally, I reacted the only way any real man should: I shrieked like a cheerleader and backed rapidly away. As far away as the hotel bar.

After a couple of cold ones – and a good deal of checking that the Hairy One hadn’t followed me back – my thoughts naturally drifted from spiders to webs and from webs to the www.

Navigating the world-wide-web isn’t dissimilar to making your way through Australia.  As long as you’ve a guide – someone with you who understands the local wildlife – you’ll reach your destination and your customers will know where you are and how to find you.

That’s where Ketchup’s Search Engine Optimisation experts come in. They advise you on cunning ways to weave SEO words into your website copy, (we’re doing it now) so people can find you without even knowing your name. They’ll explain the difference between natural and paid types of SEO – and help you avoid some of the beasts: the spammers with poisoned tails, link stealing jellyfish with an unpleasant sting, and yes – bird-eating black hat SEO firms who exist solely lure you in for their own evil ends.

Think of Ketchup Marketing’s services as Bear Grylls.  We’re the experts in internet survival. We’ll guide you around the world of search engine optimisation; helping you avoid the predators and making sure you attract the levels of site traffic you need to maximise the business potential of your website.

Ketchup Marketing has already helped small, independent local businesses boost their customer base and grow into multi-county spanning monsters. We increased some of our clients’ waiting lists from three weeks to over two years.  So we know our SEO services will help your company develop a real presence in the harsh environment that is the Google rankings.

Just like my Australian tarantula, if you want more bite you have to become king of the web!

Talk to Ketchup Marketing – leaders in SEO Leicester – now, and discover how to increase your profits.

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