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A-Z of marketing – Measurement of campaigns

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Setting up and running a strategic marketing campaign is often carried out with one or more of the following objectives in mind – increasing enquires and sales, receiving feedback and encouraging customer engagement, and/or getting your brand seen by a bigger audience. However, before your marketing campaign is released, you should have clear expectations of what you want it to achieve. How many enquiries do you expect to get from it? How many of those enquiries would you like to see convert into sales? There’s no point in creating and releasing a marketing campaign if you don’t know what you want from it and have no way of measuring and monitoring how successful it is.

Marketing analytics are so important to the success of businesses these days. Your marketing performance will seriously affect your ROI, whether positively or negatively, so you need to know what you’re doing right and what you’re doing wrong. By monitoring and measuring your results you can work out what your customer’s preferences are and offer your services accordingly. In addition, when you know how well different aspects of your marketing activities are doing, you can spend your marketing budget in the right way. This will save you and your business from spending money unnecessarily.

What can you learn from measuring the response to your marketing campaigns?

Aside from the basics of understanding the levels of ROI from a marketing campaign and identifying what your customers like and where you should spend your money, measuring and monitoring the results of your campaigns can give you specific details that will help you to beat your competitors. For example, it’s important to know what your customers want but it’s perhaps even more important to know the keywords that they use when looking for something that you can offer them. Knowing the most frequently used keywords can help you to position your products correctly, write compelling content, and speak your customer’s language.

How to start monitoring your campaigns

Unfortunately, nothing really comes for free and the best ways to monitor your marketing campaigns can cost, whether it’s in terms of time or money. There are various ways of measuring your campaigns depending on the channels used. For example, using tools like AdWords and Google Analytics, alongside your email marketing metrics and social media activity can give you a lot of useful information about campaign performance and customer behaviour. The results from these tools, if used correctly, can help you to increase the effectiveness of your campaigns, which in turn leads to more awareness of your products and services, as well as increased sales.

An online marketing campaign can potentially reach thousands, even millions of people thanks to our ability to instantly share with family and friends via social networking platforms, email, and other media. This means that getting it right is vital to existing and future business and measuring and monitoring individual and collective campaign performance is a huge part of finding out what works and what doesn’t. Take the time to analyse the information that your campaigns give you and there should be no reason for not seeing a great financial return.

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