8 great reasons why you … .

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 … should outsource your marketing to an integrated agency

The world of marketing in business has changed – and it’s all down to that wonderful Information Superhighway and the Worldwide Web. Whereas traditional campaigns generally involved a multi-faceted plan, with marketing using TV, radio, printed media and other techniques, the internet blew everything out of the water!

Websites, social media, and pay per click advertising are mainstream, but the future is taking a rather different shape as we march into 2017.

Personalisation. Interactive content. Augmented reality.

Three reasons why you should work with an integrated marketing agency like Ketchup – here are another eight:

  1. We’re experts.
    We’ve chosen to work exclusively in this sector, it’s our passion as well as our livelihood. Our team is made up of specialists in a number of fields who work together in a cohesive manner – giving expertise across all of the different forms of marketing. Do you have that in house?
  2. We’re budget savvy.
    Years of experience and knowledge mean we know how to squeeze every last drop out of a budget, spending it wisely and maximising its effect across every marketing platform.
  3. We’re masters of the Internet.
    Familiar with the tools that make our day job easier, slicker and quicker. This means faster results for our clients without the need for (expensive) in house training.
  4. We’re adept at time management.
    Able to switch seamlessly between tasks with one eye on the meter and the other on the task in hand. We’re immune to distraction.
  5. We’re dedicated.
    Your business is our business, which spurs us on to devote all our energy to getting the right outcomes for every client. Otherwise you’ll go elsewhere, and that’s a BIG incentive for us to secure your success.
  6. We’re ahead of the game.
    Marketing doesn’t stand still: there are always new tools, software, technology and strategies to use to get the best results and deliver a cutting edge service. If marketing agencies aren’t at the front of the pack, they’ll fall by the wayside. And get trampled on.
  7. We’re flexible.
    So if an emergency occurs or a deadline needs to be met, you can feel reassured that we’ll pool our resources, switch direction and save the day.
  8. We’ve got it covered.
    There may be some areas that traditional in-house marketing departments don’t know or can’t execute so well due to gaps in knowledge, lack of training or time restrictions. This will never happen at an integrated marketing agency.

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