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A-Z of Marketing: Relevance

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Marketing Relevance: who is your audience and why should they care?

Knowing your target market is key, and it is important you know your clients well; where do they shop, what are their hobbies, what kind of lifestyle do they lead? At Ketchup, we refer to this as knowing your ‘Janet and Johns’, and having this kind of information enables you to think about who your customers are and what kinds of products or services you can offer them specifically, which in turn allows you to create campaigns that appeal to this group of people.

What is your marketing message?

This is something we have discussed previously and is vital, as you need to not only target the right people, but also say something relevant to them and how they interact with your business. For example, you wouldn’t identify young professionals as your target audience then offering them a 20% discount on over 60’s health insurance. When planning campaigns, consider what is important to the person you are trying to reach.

When are you trying to tell them?

This is a key point for businesses with seasonal services or products, as Marketing these at the wrong time can lead to disappointing results. For example, a wedding shop owner will consider when wedding fayres are on and what months are most popular for events, scheduling a campaign for when brides are likely to be looking for dresses.

Where are they?

Understanding the geography in which clients live and work is essential and links back to understanding your target audience. If the majority of your customers live in one area, advertising in the local magazine is likely to be more effective than random location selection.

How are you telling them?

What kind of form your marketing takes can make a big difference to how well received your marketing message is. Some clients will prefer reading a glossy magazine to the local papers, others will engage more with Facebook advertising as opposed to a leaflet through their door.

As you will have noticed, all the above are linked. Gaining knowledge about your customers helps ensure Marketing campaigns remain relevant to them and so are more effective.

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