10 reasons to work with an integrated marketing agency

10 Reasons to work with an …

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.. Integrated Marketing Agency

Many businesses use an integrated marketing agency such as Ketchup Marketing to deliver their marketing communications and measure success; here are ten of the most popular reasons our clients chose us:

  1. Ketchup employs experts! We work together in a cohesive manner – giving expertise across different forms of marketing – something which is less easy with a marketing department of one or two people.
  2. We are cost effective – a group of experts working within a budget for an agency have the experience and knowledge to ensure that budgets are spent wisely and not over-stretched, for the maximum effect.
  3. Access to marketing tools and software – there are a number of tools which can be used to make a task easier/quicker. An agency will already have these tools at hand and will require no training which takes up both time and money, meaning that your business gets the results quicker.
  4. Time management is an essential part to the effective marketing of any business, and an integrated marketing agency can work quickly and effectively, knowing that time management is important.
  5. Integrated marketing agencies have the ability to contract the best marketers across all fields when needed. It means that you get a group of excellent, passionate and talented marketers giving you a cohesive outcome.
  6. A marketing agency is dedicated to working with you and your business and know that failure to get a good outcome could result in loss of work for them, at Ketchup we love metrics!
  7. Knowledge led – with numerous software solutions available (for example email sending software) your marketing agency will be able to advise the best fit for you and your budget.
  8. With excellent time management, brings a certain degree of flexibility. So if an emergency occurs or a deadline needs to be met, an integrated marketing agency can response and deliver results when required.  Ask us about our Royal PR project ..
  9. Your agency will have experience across a variety of industries and sectors, this knowledge is transferable to your project / business
  10. A good agency will be honest about expected outcomes and will challenge the client

For most businesses it’s cost effective to use one agency, have a dedicated strategist / project manager working for you.  Executing marketing plans and tracking costs and results.

For more information about integrated marketing agencies and how we can help you, get in touch today!

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