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Writing successful blogs: our tried and tested guide

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Apparently someone posts a blog every two seconds. Writing successful blogs is one of the most popular ways to promote your business and your interests. It’s absolutely essential when you want to build your online presence.

Your blog is a valuable marketing tool

When you create a blog, you’re building a relationship with your audience – which leads to other benefits, including establishing trust with your customers, generating leads, educating consumers and boosting awareness of your brand.

What to include in a successful blog

Your readers expect to see targeted content and information of value. To be successful, you blog needs to chime with them. Your message and content must address their choices and their preferences. So you’ll need to produce something that is engaging, piques their interest and aligns with your business’s ethos and values.

First of all, you’ll need to understand your audience. Where they are today, what they need tomorrow. Provide that information. Give them answers to problems they may not know they have. Educate them. Empathise with them… and yes, entertain them.

Successful blogging is about conversation

In my experience, the most successful blogs are written in an informal conversational style so you’ll see a lot of “I” and “you”. It becomes personal.

Your purpose is to connect – it’s not a single-minded sales mission. Including a call to action is fine as part of a richer marketing mix, not a sole focus. Writing successful blogs is about laying the foundations for (and nurturing) a relationship and getting buy in rather than just buy…

My 5 top tips for writing successful blogs

Writing Successful Blogs - Be your own headline actBe your own headline act

Give some thought to a compelling blog title – 80% of people read headlines – so you’ve got to get it right to encourage your audience to read on. You’ll find a really interesting study about impactful headline here


Writing Successful Blogs - Write like you speakWrite like you speak

Short blocks of text work well. Use sub headings, embolden and italicize for effect. Drop in images (you can find out how to do this in an upcoming blog). Show passion. Stay real.


Writing Successful Blogs - Be useful and interestingBe useful and interesting

You’re sharing information with people who will keep coming back if you get it right. Create something of value in your blog – educate, entertain and engage your reader, and you’ll benefit from a steady stream of repeat traffic.


Writing Successful Blogs - Show what you meanShow what you know

Give away tips and be generous with your knowledge. Writing successful blogs isn’t a blatant sales exercise or a platform for you to big up your business, your product or your services. You’re reaching out to your readers – building trust, fulfilling a need, getting yourself on radar and positioning yourself – whether this is as an expert or enthusiast.


Writing Successful Blogs - Stay SEO savvyStay SEO savvy

Be aware of how your blog will appear online. Use keywords in the right ratio without sounding ultra-contrived. There’s more about this here.


Make it interesting

There are a lot of ‘expert’ opinions about how long blog posts should be, from a couple of hundred words right up to 2,000. When you’re writing your blog, aim for at least 300 words to rank well in search engines… and not just words. Include visuals like imagery, videos and infographics to keep it interesting and boost engagement – people respond to images rather than bulk blocks of text. Embedding videos linked from your YouTube or Vimeo account can be very effective, too.

It isn’t just a case of post and forget… successful blogs spark comments, so make sure you respond quickly to people who leave a message. Return the courtesy – check out their websites and react to their posts.

It’s no secret that Google loves fresh content, so make sure you blog frequently. Schedule a series – you’ll need to be well organised. Spend some time researching what’s hot and what’s not, make a note of trending topics (a good tip is to check FAQs to see what’s current in your marketplace) then make a plan to publish your posts on a timetable so that you’re delivering good quality content regularly.

Leverage the power of social media to spread the word – did you know you can use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr amongst other channels to promote your blogs and engage your readers? This will really boost visibility and traffic. For more help on posting blogs to social media, check out this fantastic article [link to https://firstsiteguide.com/best-time-to-post-to-social-networks-cheat-sheet/]

Successful blogs in a nutshell

  1. Come up with an attention grabbing title/headline
  2. Research the right keywords
  3. Write at least 300 words in small, easy to read chunks of text.
  4. Create high quality back links
  5. Add in a call to action… what do you want your reader to do?
  6. Complete an SEO check – there are tools you can use
  7. Publish on your website
  8. Share on social media

A final tip. Blog regularly. Make time for it…or if you don’t have time, ask us!

Blogging’s just one of the marketing services we provide for our clients to boost their profile and help them build a community. For more information give us a call on 0330 088 9277 or contact us here.

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