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Video marketing: why it works

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Are you using video marketing in your campaigns? According to Wyzowl, 63% of business wouldn’t be without it as part of their wider strategy. With good reason… it’s one of the most powerful, versatile marketing tools you can use. Include it on a landing page, and conversions can increase by up to 80%.

Why? Because videos are the quickest and most efficient way to digest information.

Five ways that video marketing benefits your business

  • Video boosts engagement. Research shows that adding a video to your home page attracts attention. It encourages sharing to Facebook, Instagram, Periscope and other social media channels.
  • Video gives a good return. You can make a video to an acceptable standard using just your smartphone. Content matters more than a perfect edit, in any case.
  • Video builds trust. Giving people interesting and useful information in an accessible and visually stimulating way makes customer confidence soar. Promotional videos present your products or services in a conversational way – bringing it to life rather than just words on a page.
  • Google loves video. Including videos increases the time visitors spend on your site and tells search engines you have good content – fabulous for ranking.
  • Video appeals to mobile users. Nine out of 10 people watch video on their smartphone: it lends itself to life on the move. We’re all too busy to read a long product description – let’s see it in action.

Make video marketing work for you

So what do you need to keep in mind when it comes to using video marketing in your next campaign?

First of all, get a cracking team on board. Choose Ketchup, and we’ll use our expertise and analytical tools to get a real insight into your target audience. Next, we’ll devise a marketing strategy to help you win new business.

Together we’ll think about the questions your customers will want your videos to answer – it’s a great way to kick off relevant topics.

We’ll choose your keywords carefully to help searches and keep titles and opening credits short. You’ll tell your audience in the first five to 10 seconds what they’ll learn. And you’ll pick clean images that reflect the content and avoid clutter. You don’t need to overthink timing… your video can be as long or as short as you want, whatever is reasonable for your topic.

We’ll end with a call to action – to share your video, watch more, call your team or visit your website. You could even throw in a special offer or incentive.

Finally we will embed your video on your website or in a blog post. We’ll upload it to YouTube , Facebook… wherever your target audience hangs out.

But this should be just the start. Generating regular new video content in a similar style consistent with your branding keeps things fresh.

Time for lights, camera, action? Don’t press pause on your marketing campaigns. Get in touch to fix a free consultation.

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