As a Brand Creation Agency in Lincolnshire, We Understand…

That designing a new brand – or growing an existing one – is like riding a camel across a desert. Success depends on two factors: a clear idea of direction to be taken, i.e. where do you want your brand to go and the skill to steer the brute, or: how are we going to get it there?

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Brand Design - Creating Your Brand from Scratch

Creating a new company brand from zero is, in some ways, easier than trying to change consumer perceptions of an under-performing brand. At Ketchup we start with the most important part of your brand: an underlying thought that sums up its value to your potential customers.

That thought could be expressed in a baseline, in a visual style, in a logo, or a combination of all three. As a business branding agency, it's our role to help you visualise all of these.

However we say it, your new brand will present consumers with a reason to become involved with your business. Great branding gives everyone inside your company a clear direction and sense of purpose. And because your company brand is an integral part of its identity, it informs all brand communications.

New products and start-up companies face daunting obstacles, not least from established competitors. By devising unique market positions and communicating valuable points of difference to your consumers in powerful new ways, Ketchup enables new brands to quickly flourish and rapidly grow.

Brand Development - Giving Your Brand Personality

Giving your brand the personality it needs to perform often just requires a little lateral thinking.

Maybe it's the reworking of your existing brand design and messaging, to modernise your brand image or increase its appeal to a wider audience. Or, perhaps adding extra values to your brand will ensure it remains superior to those of your competitors.

A brand may even need a ground-up marketing overhaul. Not just new clothes but a whole new way of talking to, interacting with and appealing to potential customers.

Our brand strategists carefully examine the consumer perceptions surrounding a brand's identity and then build on them or, indeed, challenge them. Then our creative teams wield their skills to choose the perfect words and shape the sharpest pictures to ensure your brand personality achieves the attention and recognition it deserves.

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