Most people can read. So it follows that most people can write. But the Ketchup copywriting team goes beyond arranging words in the right order. We create convincing, selling stories. We can turn a finely crafted phrase, of course, but we don’t see ourselves as literary divas. We’re salesmen who use words to move products.

The write way to generate sales

The whole reason we put pen to paper is to create sales. So we’re adept at pinpointing the most compelling reasons to buy, and presenting them to consumers in the clearest, most involving way.

We deal in unique propositions, positioning statements, words that create pictures in consumers’ minds. We moderate our tone of voice to reflect your brand values. We talk directly, personally and personably to your customers. We use writing styles that differentiate you from your competitors.

International experience, available regionally

So what makes Ketchup copywriting different from our competitors? Our Director of Copy has recently worked with some of the world’s biggest agencies, on household names ranging from Nestlé to Coca-Cola. You’re unlikely to find that sort of heavyweight experience applied to regional marketing in any other agency.

Ketchup copywriting includes helping to devise strategy, spinning brand names and identities, creating straplines, developing and launching new products, formulating promotions…

Oh yes, and writing copy for websites, emails, viral campaigns, press ads, leaflets, posters, TV and radio commercials.

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It’s all about the results