We Are Ecommerce Website Designers in Lincolnshire

Working with businesses to create purpose-designed, efficient ecommerce websites from the ground up. We have the technology to create your ecommerce site using Magento, a highly cost-effective digital trading platform. It’s simple enough for the newest local business to use from day one but powerful enough to support you as you grow, even if you become the next eBay!

To find out how we could help you design, launch and grow an ecommerce website contact us by clicking here, or email us at info@ketchup-marketing.co.uk.

Oh, and we also design ecommerce websites in Leicestershire and the wider East Midlands.

Your Experienced Ecommerce Agency

Whilst it is true that Magento is the power behind eBay, you shouldn't be intimidated.

As a professional ecommerce marketing company, we know that your new site won't look or act like eBay (although we hope it will be that big for you one day!). But that's the joy of building an ecommerce web site with Magento, it works for any size of online retailer.

What ketchup brings to your ecommerce is complete website design (or redesign, if you already have a non-trading website) to meet your particular requirements. The site will be completely 'you'. Your branding, your design and copy, your offers.

In addition, the platform powering your brand's online store provides seamless commercial systems, security and reliability. That's why we choose to be a Magento ecommerce agency.

And the other benefit of having us design your ecommerce website this way? You benefit from reduced build and technical testing time, which dramatically cuts your costs and means you'll be opening your online store much sooner than you might expect!

Ecommerce Marketing Options

When you pick Ketchup's ecommerce marketing agency to design and launch your online store, we can offer you and your online customers:

  • Product and Catalogue Browsing
  • Mobile Commerce - ecommerce on a mobile phone
  • Marketing Promotions
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Secure and Simple Checkouts
  • Different Shipping Options
  • Customer Service Settings
  • Accounts and Order Management
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Ecommerce SEO
  • Site Management
  • International Support
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