As an Email Marketing Company, We Believe…

That email marketing services we provide to your business should be simple, highly effective and very cost efficient. Our email marketing support is designed with your brand, business and customers in mind.

To find out how we could help you create an email marketing strategy, from email newsletter templates to complete email marketing agency services, contact us by clicking here, or email us at

Direct Email Marketing

By taking a considered approach to the design, copy writing and production of your emails we can make sure they’re never mistaken for spam. So they reach your target market; communicating your proposition directly, giving consumers your offer information and containing live links to your website.

We're fully versed on GDPR so you don't need to be. Follow our guidance and you can capture and retain email addresses legally and safely. We also understand the rights and wrongs of marketing to your database, so we'll always keep you on the right side of these tricky new email regulations.

Every email campaign we create and send for you has full integration with Google Analytics. This means we can track them exactly how successful they are. You'll see who has opened them, whether they clicked on your offer and even what sales were made off the back of your email.

What's more, we can automatically send follow-up messages on unopened emails or send the next email in your email marketing sequence depending on what actions a reader takes. You can see that emailing has moved on and is a very powerful tool for growing your business.

Email Marketing Campaigns

We offer a buffet of email marketing services. You can have us design a one-off email for you or a branded email template for you to use in the future. At the other end of the scale, we offer complete email agency services, where we can design, write, send and monitor the performance of as many emails as you need to grow your business (and all whilst keeping you GDPR-compliant).

All of our email campaigns are flexible, traceable and contain as much information about your product or service as you wish. But that’s not all.

The real beauty of a Ketchup email campaign is that it’s surprisingly inexpensive to create and deliver, especially using our optimised high-volume sending. Emailing is so low-cost that you can use it to check the strength of new markets, test-launch new services and products, build engagement with your customers or simply increase the ROI from your audience.

Email is a fantastic way to evaluate different marketing approaches before escalating your proposed campaign to more expensive print, press or broadcast media... which we can also help you with, when you're ready.

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