Simple, direct, highly effective and very cost efficient. We could be describing the way the Ketchup marketing department works. But actually we’re talking about our email marketing campaigns.

Fully integrated with Google Analytics

By taking a considered approach to the design, copy writing and production of your emails we can make sure they’re never mistaken for spam. So they reach your target market; communicating your proposition directly, giving consumers your offer information and containing live links to your website.

Because our campaigns have full integration with Google Analytics, we can track them for you, checking who has opened them and automatically sending follow-up messages on unopened emails within 48 hours. We can even tell you what action your email readers took when they clicked through to your website, attribute orders and accurately quantify your ROI.

Inexpensive to create and deliver

So our email campaigns are flexible, traceable and can contain as much information about your product or service as you wish. And we can even source email data for you, if needs be. But that’s not all.

The real beauty of a Ketchup Marketing email campaign is that it’s so inexpensive to create and deliver (using our optimised high-volume sending) that you can use it to check the strength of new markets, or test-launch new services and products. You can even evaluate different marketing approaches before escalating your proposed campaign to more expensive print, press or broadcast media.

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