Ketchup’s Pay Per Click Agency Can Quickly Bring Customers to Your Business

If your potential customers can’t find your business online, they can’t buy from you. It’s the reason why effective Search Engine Optimisation is vital for eCommerce. But is it enough on its own? If you’ve never paid attention to your website’s SEO (or it’s a brand new one), the pace of Google ranking increases is often slower than expected. Google Ads is a way of paying to appear at the top of the search results, meaning you can bring reliable, profitable traffic to your website much more quickly. As a Google Ads agency, Ketchup’s pay per click campaigns support your SEO to scale your business fast.

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PPC Marketing Costs Less Than You Might Believe

Done well (as we do), a Google Ads campaign will introduce customers to your website, ready to buy your service or product, for a relatively low cost.

As a specialist Pay Per Click company, Ketchup works closely with you to refine ads so they only bring the customers you need. Looking to open up new markets, retarget existing customers or improve your margins? No problem, we can tackle all of these and more with Google PPC campaigns.

Besides the impressive response rates, low cost-per-customer and profitable ROI, using our adwords agency gives you several extra advantages.

As a relatively low cost advertising channel, PPC allows you to spread your marketing net far and wide. You can break into new markets. You can use marketing campaigns that include a strategic mix of text and banner ads, mobile and YouTube ads, remarketing and conversion testing techniques.

And you can afford to focus on low-maintenance but high net worth customers.

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Great Pay Per Click Returns Takes Attention to Detail

Ketchup's Pay Per Click agency work has several steps that are designed to get you the most profitable campaign we can.

Our efforts go into finding the exact customers you are looking for and weeding out any that don't meet your brief, with the result of increasing the return on your adwords investment.

To achieve great results for you, each of our Google Ads campaigns contains the following steps:

  • Detailed Competitive Analysis – including their online spend, their most successful keywords and the offers they present when you land on their website
  • Detailed Keyword Research – is vital for revealing the size of market, where customers are located and making sure that we don't spend money on searches that don't convert
  • Cost Per Acquisition Assessment – allowing you to compare your PPC customer cost with your current method. We can follow each person clicking on an ad all the way to checkout, so we can see exactly what's working and measure your returns
  • Detailed Information Reporting – so you can accurately assess your best ROI factors, including ads, keywords, dates, time of day, etc. We'll even heatmap your landing pages to see where we can make conversion improvements

With Ketchup managing your PPC campaign, you can be sure of getting a better results!

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