Paradoxically, when everyone is shouting, it’s often the softly spoken who stand out. It’s a principle that our print designers have applied successfully time and again. As the results for our marketing campaigns prove.

Noisy neighbours?

Of course, we can be noisy and disruptive too – usually when the competitive advertising is plodding along on a well-worn path. The whole idea of innovative print design is to be different.

So our designers look carefully at your market sector and then create campaigns that present your brand or product in a way that reflects its personality. But is fresh and exciting, enticing to consumers, challenging to competitors, prominent in the marketplace.

Art for sales’ sake

Any highly experienced design team can do this. But sometimes their desire to create art trumps commercial pragmatism. Ketchup’s team never loses sight of the fundamentals. We design to generate sales. We use vivid styles, glorious pictures, crafted type and clever use of shapes to create a powerful presence within the media.

Because, let’s face it, if no-one notices you, you won’t make sales.

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