It’s often said that ‘there’s no such thing as bad publicity’. Total balderdash. A bad image will bankrupt a brand. Marketing, advertising and public relations are all focused, in their own way, on presenting a favourable brand image. At Ketchup they work together to become a concentrated, powerful, sales-generating tool.

In the business of selling stories

Our PR division uses newspapers, magazines, digital and broadcast media to raise your profile with potential customers. It’s our business to tell your story to as wide an audience as possible and generate interest in your product or service.

And, of course, there’s a knack to it. Journalists think in a particular way and have a certain approach to things. Well, it takes one to know one! At Ketchup, we can draw on decades of direct experience in award-winning journalism to get the media working for you. We’ll help you find your story and present it in a way that will energise journalists.

So that when we contact them, they know it’ll be worth hearing – because they’re in the business of selling stories too.

The maximum-impact, integrated approach

We’ll design your PR to be part of an effective marketing strategy, with compelling press releases and excellent contacts to reach the right audiences. We’ll co-ordinate the PR campaign to coincide with your marketing activity for maximum exposure.

We’ll ensure that journalists get your story right and re-tell it in the most positive way. And if you’re unlucky enough to attract the wrong sort of media attention, we’ll use our expertise to shield you from adverse publicity. And we can even train you how to do brilliant interviews.

With our inside insight, and a little PR polish, your brand image will shine.

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