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Having a brilliant, interactive, business website that no-one can find is like owning a masterpiece and keeping it in a cupboard under the stairs. Your website is only of any use to your business if people who would buy your products or services can find it.

In the UK today, more than four out of every five online searches is carried out using Google, which is why it’s vital your business appears high in their results. It’s estimated that as many as one third of all clicks go to position one, half go to the top three positions and at least 75% of all clicks go to first page results.

You can see, then, why an SEO agency like Ketchup is vital to online search success. We keep our finger on the pulse of Google’s ever-changing demands so that we can give your website every opportunity to rank at the top of their search results.

Find out how we do use search engine optimisation to help businesses in and around Leicester by reading more below. If you want to cut to the chase and see how we can help you, click this link to contact us or you can email us at info@ketchup-marketing.co.uk.

How Does SEO Help a Business Website?

Search Engine Optimisation seems a bit of a dark art, but it is deceptively simple. It works like this:

When a potential customer Googles a product or service, they are effectively making a shopping list of possible suppliers. If your website is listed at number 1347 in the Google search results list (or even off the first page), very few buyers will know you exist, even fewer will visit your site.

The whole point of our SEO is to put you at the top of that results list, giving you maximum visibility and making sure your site has the opportunity to optimise the ROI.

There are several steps to doing that and, as one of the top Leicestershire SEO agencies, we pride ourselves on helping your business website into prime condition to land those coveted first page results.

Our SEO services include: keyword research, on-page optimisation, user experience testing and link building. Get your free one-page website review to see how we can optimise your website.

Why Should I Use an SEO Agency?

Google's algorithm (the maths that decides who ranks where in a list of results) is believed to contain over 200 'ranking factors'. Not only that, but to keep us all on our toes, the importance of one factor compared to another is always changing.

Offering SEO services means that we at Ketchup keep in constant and deep contact with all current best practice so that you don't have to.

What this also means is we can set straight to work on day one understanding what help your site needs to start moving to the top of the results. (In fact, we can give you a free one page overview tailored to your website - click here to find out more).

SEO is not for the faint of heart; it was never easy and is growing exponentially harder. By being Google Partners with an inside line on the latest developments, and by understanding how search engines are constantly evolving new and more complicated search criteria, we’re able to work hard to have your website outrank your competitors'.

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