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We believe every page of your website design ought to be an advertisement for your company; saying something positive about you, your product or service. We also think each page should help move you above your competitors on your customer’s ‘shopping list’.

Most users spend less than a minute on a web page – about enough time to read the paragraph above. So communication on your business website has to be clear, immediate and involving.

To see how we would redesign your company website for growth, contact us by clicking here, or email us at info@ketchup-marketing.co.uk.

Oh, and we do website design for companies in Leicestershire and the wider east midlands too!

How Will a Website Design Company Help Me?

It’s tempting to think of your company website as an electronic magazine... but almost wholly wrong!

Yes, your readers can flick through the pages, jumping from section to section. Your website might also contain great swathes of editorial, or devote huge amounts of space to specialist subjects but, unlike magazines, they don’t sit on coffee tables waiting to be perused.

Your readers can jump in at any time, often straight from Google into a page that's not the home page. And, when they land at least, they are only interested to find out if your business web page satisfies their need, want or query.

Most of the time you only have one chance to involve a visitor in your site. If you do it well they could definitely move around the website finding out more about your business and - ideally - making contact with you or making a purchase.

However, if your company's website is not up to scratch in how it communicates with your audience then they are just going to bounce straight back to the search results. And that's bad news: if it happens too often Google is likely to demote you, which means fewer visitors.

Ketchup is a web design agency and we have a specialist team of web designers who will work closely with you to develop and launch a company website that works for your customers and company.

Ketchup's Website Design Agency is Full of Technical Excellence

Our web designers never lose sight of the fact there job is to create your business a website that will attract and hold your customers' attention.

We are experts at using clear, contemporary, web design techniques that subtly move visitors through your site towards buying your products and services. We do this by creating web pages that headline the main areas or features of your company, then we lead the reader to more detailed and involved pages designed to persuade them to become a lead, client or customer.

We're not too shy to say that we'll design your company website like craftsmen. Our website builders are extremely talented in Responsive Web Design (which is vital in today's mobile-first world) using acronym-heavy code, like HMTL 5, CSS 3, PHP, jQuery and MySQL to name a few.

The process of website creation does require lots of code, but you shouldn't worry about that. We'll set up your site so that it's easy and intuitive for you to manage and update as your world changes, so there's no need to come back to us to keep you company's website relevant. We can also a dab hand at designing ecommerce websites so you can sell directly to your visitors!

From your consumers' perspective, they'll enjoy snag-free navigation and use of your site, they'll be elated by the experience of visiting it. Above all, it'll be easy for them to purchase your products or services in just a couple of secure, easy clicks.

Contact us here to find out how we can design a great website for your business.

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