We believe every page of your website design ought to be an advertisement for your company; saying something positive about you, your product or service. We also think each page should help move you above your competitors on the reader’s ‘shopping list’.

Most users spend less than a minute on a web page – about enough time to read the paragraph above. So your communication has to be clear, immediate and involving.

Not a magazine then?

It’s tempting to think websites are like electronic magazines. But almost wholly wrong. Yes, readers can flick through the pages, jumping from section to section. Websites can also contain great swathes of editorial, or devote huge amounts of space to specialist subjects. But, unlike magazines, they don’t sit on coffee tables waiting to be perused, so most of the time you only have one chance to involve a visitor in your site.

Design meets technical excellence

Our web designers are experts at using clear, web-centric design techniques that attract and hold audiences. We create web pages that headline the main issues, then lead the reader to more detailed and involving pages.

We are also craftsmen – builders, extremely talented in Responsive Web Design using HMTL 5, CSS 3, PHP, jQuery and MySQL to name a few.

So consumers enjoy snag-free navigation. They are elated rather than frustrated by the experience of visiting your site. And, above all, they can purchase your products or services in just a couple of secure, easy clicks.


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