Do you need to go all Taylor Swift ..

April 7, 2015 7:47 am Published by Comments Off on Do you need to go all Taylor Swift ..

… when it comes to buying domain names?

When it comes to purchasing domain names for your business it used to be simple, all you had to do was purchase the .co.uk, or .com versions of your desired URL. However, from 1st June 2015 there will be even more variations available, from the useful and straightforward, such as .marketing and .nutrition, to the more outrageous, such as .porn and .adult.

This has started a spending spree in which both businesses and celebrities are snapping up domain names that could be used negatively if they got into the wrong hands. For example, it was reported this week that Taylor Swift has snapped up a couple of questionable domain names, i.e. .porn and .suck, to ensure that no one else can use them – smart girl, imagine the damage to her image and career if those domain names got into the wrong hands! The same approach has also been taken by software giant Microsoft and other large organisations are set to follow suit.

This approach might be slightly extreme for many businesses, but what these reports do highlight is the need to think about your strategy when it comes to purchasing domain names for your business.

What’s the best approach to take when buying domain names?

Purchasing multiple domain names is not a new practice, many businesses purchase both the .com and .co.uk versions of their domain name if they are available. Some businesses, usually larger organisations, purchase multiple domains using different variations of their company or product names. This is a great thing to do to ensure that a competitor doesn’t operate using a similar domain name.

There was even a time where companies would deliberately snap up the domain names of their competitors, simply to ensure that they couldn’t get access to them. However, this practice seems to have died out in recent years.

The danger with the multi-domain purchase approach is that as more options become available, and these will be more expensive that the .com, .co.uk, and .org variations, you could spend a sizable chunk of money snapping up every possible domain ending that relates to your business. If you are a company like Microsoft, and there is a real risk that another company or individual could use less than flattering domain names in a way that will negatively impact the company, then it’s probably a good strategy to follow.

However, smaller businesses don’t necessarily need to go down the same road and it’s probably wise to make sure that your approach is in line with your budget. For most businesses purchasing the .co.uk and .com versions, and maybe the ending that is most in line with their primary business offering, will be sufficient. There’s no need to go over the top, but at the same time, it’s wise to think about multiple domain purchase as an option. These additional domains can easily be redirected to your website and used on relevant marketing materials.

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