Ketchup are 8

Now we are 8!

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To celebrate our birthday, here are 8 surprising facts about Ketchup that you may not know.

  1. On 7 February 2012, German TV reporter Benedikt Weber drank a 4oz bottle of ketchup through a straw in an incredible 32.37 seconds at Chong’s Diner in Nuremberg. Legend or fool?
  2. Early versions of ketchup were made from anchovies, shallots, oysters, lemons or walnuts. We prefer today’s tomato-based sauce…
  3. Heinz is the top ketchup brand worldwide. It is the third-best-selling condiment in the USA, topped only by mayonnaise and salsa.
  4. Ketchup was considered to be a medicine around 1835 and was sold as tomato pills. It was the brainchild of Dr. John Cook Bennett from Ohio University who thought that tomatoes could cure illnesses such as diarrhoea, jaundice, and indigestion. They can’t.
  5. But it is good for the heart and helps reduce the risk of certain types of cancer, thanks to it being an excellent source of lycopene, inhibiting inflammation and cell damage caused by free radicals.
  6. The first recorded recipe for ketchup came from China around 544 A.D. Made from “the intestine, stomach, and bladder of the yellow fish, shark and mullet,” it needed 20 days of incubation in sunlight before people ate it…
  7. In 1866, French cookbook author Pierre Blot penned a warning against ketchup, calling it “filthy, decomposed, and putrid,” and adding that “many cases of debility and consumption” come from “eating such stuff.”
  8. Ketchup flows out of the classic Heinz bottle at a rate of .028 miles per hour. For comparison, a typical garden snail moves at a zippy 0.03 miles per hour.

So it’s official. We’re popular all over the world, we win awards, break records and we’re good for your (business) health. Find out why. Call us today for a FREE assessment of your marketing needs. For 8 year olds, you’ll find we talk a lot of sense…

10 reasons to work with an integrated marketing agency

10 Reasons to work with an …

April 25, 2017 9:45 am Published by Comments Off on 10 Reasons to work with an …

.. Integrated Marketing Agency

Many businesses use an integrated marketing agency such as Ketchup Marketing to deliver their marketing communications and measure success; here are ten of the most popular reasons our clients chose us:

  1. Ketchup employs experts! We work together in a cohesive manner – giving expertise across different forms of marketing – something which is less easy with a marketing department of one or two people.
  2. We are cost effective – a group of experts working within a budget for an agency have the experience and knowledge to ensure that budgets are spent wisely and not over-stretched, for the maximum effect.
  3. Access to marketing tools and software – there are a number of tools which can be used to make a task easier/quicker. An agency will already have these tools at hand and will require no training which takes up both time and money, meaning that your business gets the results quicker.
  4. Time management is an essential part to the effective marketing of any business, and an integrated marketing agency can work quickly and effectively, knowing that time management is important.
  5. Integrated marketing agencies have the ability to contract the best marketers across all fields when needed. It means that you get a group of excellent, passionate and talented marketers giving you a cohesive outcome.
  6. A marketing agency is dedicated to working with you and your business and know that failure to get a good outcome could result in loss of work for them, at Ketchup we love metrics!
  7. Knowledge led – with numerous software solutions available (for example email sending software) your marketing agency will be able to advise the best fit for you and your budget.
  8. With excellent time management, brings a certain degree of flexibility. So if an emergency occurs or a deadline needs to be met, an integrated marketing agency can response and deliver results when required.  Ask us about our Royal PR project ..
  9. Your agency will have experience across a variety of industries and sectors, this knowledge is transferable to your project / business
  10. A good agency will be honest about expected outcomes and will challenge the client

For most businesses it’s cost effective to use one agency, have a dedicated strategist / project manager working for you.  Executing marketing plans and tracking costs and results.

For more information about integrated marketing agencies and how we can help you, get in touch today!

Why Marketing Management is Important

Why Marketing Management is Important

April 10, 2017 3:00 pm Published by Comments Off on Why Marketing Management is Important

For any business, marketing management is one of the most important aspects of the day to day running of your business. It is also one of the most complicated for people who aren’t marketers and often neglected.  Typically businesses open centred on the skill of one or 2 people, for example, when a new florist shop opens, the owner is usually a qualified florist (rather than a qualified marketing professional).  At Ketchup, we believe that a clear marketing plan is crucial to the longevity of your business.

It is essential for the growth of any business to have a marketing strategy to attract new customers and make people aware that you exist and then to remind them to buy from you. Marketing also allows you to understand your customer better as you learn what marketing works better for you, and gives you an excellent opportunity to communicate with your customers.

Marketing Management

Marketing management involves managing the whole marketing aspect of the business. It means planning, executing, reviewing and analysing the effectiveness of a campaign, keeping up to date with the online marketing efforts. Marketing managers must understand customers, be creative, meet deadlines and also do effective marketing! It is a big task and one that can have a significant difference on the effectiveness of your business.

This is why marketing management is so important. There are many aspects that need to be updated, added, co-ordinated or reviewed at any time, as well as overseeing a single project as well as ongoing campaigns.

A marketing manager will usually work with a team of marketers – including copy writers, website designers, digital marketing experts, publishers, PR agencies, printers etc. as well as having to communicate to the board of directors or business owners.

Whilst it is useful to be able to perform well all aspects of the marketing tasks, the skill set of being a marketing manager is a little different to that of a marketer. It is more about organisation, communication and cooperation.

With so many different skills needed both in the management and in the execution of the marketing plan, many businesses chose to use the services of an integrated marketing agency to ensure consistency and return on investment.

Ketchup is owned by Michelle Jone a qualified marketer with over 20 years of experience, our team also include fully qualified strategists, copy writers, graphic designers and web build experts, view the team here.

For more information about marketing management get in touch today.


8 great reasons why you … .

February 9, 2017 11:26 am Published by Comments Off on 8 great reasons why you … .

 … should outsource your marketing to an integrated agency

The world of marketing in business has changed – and it’s all down to that wonderful Information Superhighway and the Worldwide Web. Whereas traditional campaigns generally involved a multi-faceted plan, with marketing using TV, radio, printed media and other techniques, the internet blew everything out of the water!

Websites, social media, and pay per click advertising are mainstream, but the future is taking a rather different shape as we march into 2017.

Personalisation. Interactive content. Augmented reality.

Three reasons why you should work with an integrated marketing agency like Ketchup – here are another eight:

  1. We’re experts.
    We’ve chosen to work exclusively in this sector, it’s our passion as well as our livelihood. Our team is made up of specialists in a number of fields who work together in a cohesive manner – giving expertise across all of the different forms of marketing. Do you have that in house?
  2. We’re budget savvy.
    Years of experience and knowledge mean we know how to squeeze every last drop out of a budget, spending it wisely and maximising its effect across every marketing platform.
  3. We’re masters of the Internet.
    Familiar with the tools that make our day job easier, slicker and quicker. This means faster results for our clients without the need for (expensive) in house training.
  4. We’re adept at time management.
    Able to switch seamlessly between tasks with one eye on the meter and the other on the task in hand. We’re immune to distraction.
  5. We’re dedicated.
    Your business is our business, which spurs us on to devote all our energy to getting the right outcomes for every client. Otherwise you’ll go elsewhere, and that’s a BIG incentive for us to secure your success.
  6. We’re ahead of the game.
    Marketing doesn’t stand still: there are always new tools, software, technology and strategies to use to get the best results and deliver a cutting edge service. If marketing agencies aren’t at the front of the pack, they’ll fall by the wayside. And get trampled on.
  7. We’re flexible.
    So if an emergency occurs or a deadline needs to be met, you can feel reassured that we’ll pool our resources, switch direction and save the day.
  8. We’ve got it covered.
    There may be some areas that traditional in-house marketing departments don’t know or can’t execute so well due to gaps in knowledge, lack of training or time restrictions. This will never happen at an integrated marketing agency.
Marketing Agency

A-Z of Marketing: Agency

August 8, 2014 9:00 am Published by Comments Off on A-Z of Marketing: Agency

Your Marketing Agency

Business is changing and becoming more virtual. As a result more and more business owners and start-ups are recognising the benefits of outsourcing critical business functions that they cannot carry out effectively themselves. Outsourcing not only frees up your time to concentrate on running and growing your business, but outsourcing key functions, such as marketing, can help you save money and see better results faster because you are working with experts.

What does a marketing agency do?
There are many kinds of marketing agencies of various shapes and sizes; all offering different levels of marketing support. They can act as your complete marketing department, which is great for SMEs and business start-ups that do not require full time support. Alternatively, a marketing agency can support you or your in-house marketing team with specific projects such as a customer survey, website development, or event planning and marketing.

Many businesses outsource some aspect of their marketing at some point in time.

Some agencies specialise in a specific industry and only work with organisations providing products and services across that industry. Others are more general and apply their expertise to businesses across many different industries.

How does outsourcing your marketing work?
When you have made the decision to outsource all or part of your marketing activity, it is crucial that you find a marketing agency that is a good fit for your business. The agency should be curious about your business and want to know about the long and short term objectives, and how you see the agency fitting in with what you are trying to achieve.

It is advisable to discuss your requirements with a number of agencies so that you are sure of a cultural fit and high level of understanding about your business. You need to trust the marketing agency that you decide to work with, after all they will be handling one of the most important parts of your business, great marketing leads to business growth, increased sales, and a strong brand. Great marketing is the key to business success.

Why Ketchup Marketing?
Ketchup Marketing prides itself on being your complete outsourced marketing department. We are made up of a strong team of people from marketing experts to graphic designers, copywriters, and website developers.

Combined our team has many years of experience in successfully planning and executing marketing campaigns and activities for organisations across a number of industries. We take our time to get to know your business and will always put a firm strategic plan in place before we begin to roll out any marketing activity.

We offer a number of services, from setting your marketing strategy so that it supports your business’ overall objectives, and delivering effective marketing campaigns, to making sure that your website is ranked highly is search engines through our Pay per Click and SEO copywriting services. We can support you as your marketing department, or work with your existing marketing department when time is tight and you need our expertise for bigger projects.

We also offer top end skills without the big city price tag from our offices in the East Midlands.

If you are looking to outsource your marketing and don’t know where to start, call Michelle or Kate today on 0330 088 9277 or use our contact form here.

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