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A domain name in layman’s terms is the address for your website. It serves as a more memorable name for an internet resource such as a website, computer, network or service.

A more detailed explanation of a domain name can be found on Wikipedia

Web hosting is the location where your website will be stored in order for it to be viewed by your customers on the internet.

Yes we provide a wide range of web hosting solutions. To find out more please get in touch

Yes! As an ecommerce agency in Lincoln with bags of experience, wee can offer both, please contact us to find out what solution is best for your business.

Each company website designed by Ketchup is priced individually, we do not offer set prices or packages as we believe everyone needs differ.

As a guide in 2016 prices varied from £895 to £21,000. This is why we offer a free price quote so we can give you an estimate as to how much the project will cost.

A Content Management System (CMS) is a web-based publishing tool that allows anyone with access to your website the ability to update text, images and any other agreed functionality via a secure administration panel. On completion of your website we will provide a training manual and where required one to one training.

Ketchup Marketing will provide a full training manual and onsite training session when we’ve completed the design of your website.  Should you ever need any further help or support you can always contact the office or email support@ketchup-marketing.co.uk

At Ketchup Marketing we pride ourselves on customer care and support, should you experience any problems with your company website operation or emails you are able to contact our support team by telephone or email Monday – Friday between 9am – 5pm to receive a same day response. The support email is support@ketchup-marketing.co.uk

Like most marketing and web agencies, Ketchup Marketing will design and develop your company website within an agreed time-frame and budget. We find that the majority of web clients prefer that Ketchup host their website and an email, therefore the only contract is annual hosting unless you wish to undertake a maintenance contract.

Most of our larger clients have agreed maintenance contracts in place with Ketchup Marketing, these contracts vary depending on the client, the required monthly updates. Typically these contracts agree to a set number of hours to be completed by the marketing / design and development team.

  • Do you want to reach more people?
  • Do prospective customers understand how you’re different from the competition?
  • Are you looking for success and satisfaction in your business life?
  • And do you want to make more money?

Then you’re speaking our language. We are a fresh pair of eyes and a helping hand towards your goals. We bring expertise, experience and enthusiasm. And while we’re talking about e-words, effort. We’ll save you time and make you money, boost your exposure and help you build a company brand, freeing you up to focus on your core day to day business.

Jack of all trades and master of none? Absolutely not. How we work is a balance of technical know- how, proven, tried and tested experience and the right connections with a dash of enthusiasm and out of the box thinking We know what will work for a particular business and what will not so we’ll give you credibility as well as results.

We will market your business as if it’s our own – with the same care, attention and detail. Ask us about our proven track record of helping customers grow, evolve and diversify their business.

Our experience, background and approach mean that our skills transfer to any sector. In fact, having a fresh pair of eyes and perspective can often mean we bring something extra to you, seeing your business through the eyes of your customers. We’re fast learners and it won’t take us long to get up to speed (although we may need a bit to time to master astrophysics…)

No matter what sector you work in, we’ll identify your current strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats and give you robust advice about the way you market your products or services.

You can count on us to make recommendations about how to present yourself online and in the media, your marketing and Internet strategy, where and how to advertise, PR opportunities and whether your brand and logo design really reflect what you do and why you do it.

Well, we’re naturally biased but with us, you’ll gain specialist knowledge, marketing savviness, experience, resilience, great connections and a safe pair of hands. No recruitment costs nor will you have to factor in holidays and sick leave, training and development. You get breadth of experience from people who are doing what they enjoy most and are excellent at it, and who are all totally focused on delivering their best work for you.

We love where we’re based in the Vale of Belvoir and we know our region inside out, which is why we have so many local clients – just take a look at our portfolio of clients.

The best marketing agencies don’t have an expensive postcode and a trendy office. You’re not paying for our overheads, you’re paying for our experience, our expertise, our services, our ability to boost your business and give you a great return on your marketing investment.

Technology makes it easy for us to work with clients all over the UK. Location doesn’t restrict us. We have email, Skype and the Internet at our fingertips. Understanding your aims and objectives, establishing a great relationship with you and getting to the heart of your business – that’s more important than physical location.

And we’re happy to meet you where suits you best, our office, your office, home or the pub (we know quite a few), so, our place or yours?

Of course. You can have ongoing support on all aspects of marketing, you can plug a gap to cover short-term requirements, you can come to us with a single project with a specific aim or you can ask us for general help in advertising, redesigning your biz website, developing your brand or refreshing your promotional literature.

It’s definitely not a ‘one size fits all’ approach. We will listen to you so tell us who you’re trying to target and what you want to get out of your marketing activity.

What we charge you will depend on what you need from us.

  • Retainer – this arrangement works best when you have an ongoing need and are looking for a capable pair of hands. It also gives you flexibility about our services.
  • Per project – we’ll work on a given objective for you with a start and finish date that suits you. You pay for what you need (and we’ll have agreed costs before we start work so there are no surprises). It’s an ideal way to trial our services!

This is something our MD Michelle says on a pretty regular basis. We’re no stranger to turning work round urgently and will work late nights, weekends and holidays if need be.

Get in touch!
We’re ready to help you. If you’ve already got a clear idea of what you need and have something specific in mind, we’ll give you a quote.

If you’re not sure where to start, we’ll help you come up with a plan. A strategy that gets results in a way that suits your business and your budget.

We don’t make a charge for our initial discussions and there is no obligation to go ahead. By the end of our chat, hopefully you’ll see the benefits of investing in our expertise and have a clearer idea of the results you can expect with us on board.

Once we’ve agreed a plan, the next step is easy. You instruct us to do the work and sign on the dotted line, we get busy with making it happen.

While every customer has different needs, there are some things we do as standard:

  • Ask questions. We want to get to know you and your business.
  • Review your product/service with you. Give us as much information as you have – the more we know, the better the results will be as we’ll be in a stronger position to target our marketing
  • Develop a project time-line and set expectations. You need to know what we’ll do for you and when we’ll do it.

We’re really flexible about keeping you up to date, too. If you run a tight ship and like to feel in control, we’ll email you on a daily basis. If you’re happy to hand over the complete project to us and let us crack on with it, then we’ll arrange a meeting with you when the work’s finished. For questions in the meantime, we’re always at the end of a phone.

Call us on 0330 088 9277

Email us at info@ketchup-marketing.co.uk.
Fill in the form (and see what a beautiful part of the East Midlands we inhabit) here

See who we work with here
Check out our team here
Find out what we can do for you here

A copywriter writes promotional text to boost awareness of products and services – copy for letters, leaflets, brochures and adverts as well for marketing campaigns, content for websites, blogs and social media posts. It’s nothing at all to do with copyright (and everything to do with smart techniques helped along by a little bit of magic).

We have a fantastic team of writers, each offering experience and specialisms across diverse fields to fortify your copy and make it effective, engaging and full of energy. They’re full of curiosity about what make people tick and why people buy so you’ll find their copy a potent mix of psychology and persuasion (and guaranteed to be free from spelling mistakes).

As much as you can give us! The more we know, the better. When we first get together, we’ll give you a briefing form which will cover what you hope to achieve with us as well as ask you to think about your marketing objectives, your competitors, your target audience and the tone of voice you prefer. Sometimes things will occur to you after we’ve left the building (if we visit) so we’re always happy to discuss your plans and ideas over the phone or by email. We’re big on communication and staying in touch.

This refers to the art of designing and creating a website which is search engine friendly. It’s about making sure your website has the right structure and the right words in both copy and code, having lots of relevant content and getting other websites to link to yours. Search engines are continually getting smarter about understanding the tactics some people use to try to manipulate them. We always recommend applying SEO best practice across all content combined with smart development behind the scenes. It’s a bit of a dark art. We’re great at it, though.

On Page SEO covers optimizing your website and making changes on title, meta tags, site structure and content whereas Off Page SEO is more about building back links and using social media to promote your site. Ask us another.

Pay per click (PPC) advertising is essentially a form of online advertising designed to drive traffic to your website through marketing aimed specifically at search engines. So when people enter certain keywords into Google or any other search engine, your advert appears in the results. It can be very cost efficient as you only pay when the ad is clicked on (which the name makes very obvious!) and the clickee is taken to your website or landing page.

Simply put, with PPC advertising your business lands directly in front of the consumer; it’ll show up when people are looking specifically for the product or service that you are offering. You only pay when someone clicks and you can set a budget giving you more control over costs. It works faster than organic searches, so you should see results pretty quickly. It’s a great way for small businesses to be up there with national and global organisations.

Everything is trackable so you’ll be able to see the exact ROI – clicks, impressions, rate and cost per click, the average position of your ads – it can be a little addictive…

Find out more about how your business could benefit from PPC advertising by speaking to a member of our team.

Sometimes it depends on what we’re printing for you (flyers, posters, banners, signs, brochures, postcards or leaflets) and the quantities.

Often it’s related to budget as well as to which print process is best for your needs (eg digital or offset, coated or uncoated, die cutting or embossing, custom ink, etc) and whether you’re looking for environmentally friendly stock. What we can promise is that there will always be options in terms of paper quality, so if you’re looking for something really special to make an impact when it lands on your customers’ desk, let us know.

Of course. As well as co-ordinating the printing, our team is very experienced at designing for print. You’ll benefit from innovative ways of transmitting your desired message using vivid styles, glorious pictures, crafted type and clever use of shapes.

We know how important it is to nurture and encourage talent in young people. As a relatively young agency (we were founded in 2009), we’ve always made time to help the next generation see how a creative business works and yes, we’ve already offered summer internships and work experience to A level students and recent graduates. If you’re interested, please get in touch here.

Yes, we manage lots of domain names for clients. If you transfer your domain name(s) to us it can help simplify changes in the future. Domain ownership would remain with you.

No, flash is a legacy (old) technology which we are moving away from. Flash will also not display on Apple iPhone’s or iPad’s which are widely used for checking emails and websites.

No, we are UK based company and do not sub-contract work to anyone overseas.

The length of time it takes to build a company website is dependent on the individual project, the number of pages, required functionality and content creation.

We typically allow 7 to 10 working days to produce flat artwork; from here you will be advised the build time by your Account Manager. We will place the website on a development server for you to view during this process.

We know that project deadlines are very important: we will always do our utmost to meet them.

Yes, providing you have access to the control panel with your domain registrar. We will explain the best option for you and we can help with making changes to your domain settings if you prefer.

Yes, we pride ourselves on ensuring all the websites we design will display on all devices.

As of late 2013 all new web projects were built to be responsive. This means your website will recognise the type of device and the screen size and re-flow the content accordingly… take a look at our website on your different devices!

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