Creating a web presence worthy of a leader in life science consulting

Alacrita is among the world’s leading consulting firms in the life sciences sector. Our task was to refresh the visual brand and website with something clean, fresh and high-performing in search rankings worldwide. We audited the many hundreds pages of the current site then worked with the client to create a new, user-focused site model. We created a refreshed logo and visual guidelines, combining minimalism with dramatic imagery and bold colours. And with our partners The Art of Explaining we created new, impactful copy for key pages.

The completed site was an instant success, attracting and helping cement significant new business within the first three weeks of going live.

"We’re delighted with the new website and refreshed visual brand, which conveys the clarity and energy of Alacrita and is already achieving strong performance in search rankings, leading directly to new business.”

Alacrita Consulting

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