Putting Rutland on the map

Based in Oakham, Rutland Museum showcases the county’s history and heritage while Rutland Library Service caters for all 40,000 landlocked residents. The time was right for both to develop new logos to boost their profile, attract more visitors and build complementary identities.

We worked with Rutland County Council’s base design which incorporated a golden horseshoe* to create a theme of unity and cohesion in the logos that fitted beautifully with the rest of the family.

The logos are already in use on the website and will feature on all promotional literature.

*Interesting fact: in Rutland, all horseshoes are hung with their tips at the bottom so that the devil cannot make a nest in the bottom. So now you know!

Many thanks Michelle, all your hard work is much appreciated.

Robert Clayton - Senior Culture & Leisure Manager Proper Officer for Registration Services

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