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Ad spend in the UK is circa £22 billion. Placement, design, impact and memorability are essential but it’s the copy that carries the crown.

advertising copywriting




We book space and plan advertising campaigns for many of our clients. Whether it’s on page or digital, our creative team can produce excellent advertising content quickly and efficiently. We will always focus on the audience and the objectives of a campaign so that we can produce the best ROI for you. Our wide industry contacts allow us to negotiate some of the best deals around. 

Case study


Belvoir Castle

Event marketing is something we do remarkably well. In the lead up to the official opening of a new artisan shopping venue, we worked closely with Belvoir Castle, managing their day-to-day marketing activities and creating ‘noise’ for the launch event. The number of visitors to the stately home on the day the Engine Yard opened broke all previous records! Oh, and we built some websites for the client too!


So you’re thinking about creating an advertising campaign and wondering where to begin? Our copywriters will start by taking a look at the bigger picture: they’ll be searching for what’s currently creating waves in your industry and what your competitors are up to. We’re also going to want to know why you are advertising – it may seem obvious, but trust us, it’s not! There are many motives for ad spends and, if we really understand your thinking, we’re much more likely to create campaign content that’ll knock your socks off and deliver the returns you are hoping for.

Sales, Letters and Emails

It’s so important to keep connected. There’s always a time when you need to communicate with your customers, or your potential customers, your suppliers, other businesses and other industries. Our copywriting team specialise in creating and engineering content for specific purposes – to engage, entertain, inform. We ensure it’s timely, relevant and that it has a call to action – meaning that the audience is offered an option of engaging with your business. So whether you’re looking for some sales copy or an email campaign, let the experts at Ketchup craft some cunning business content for you.

Our approach to advertising


Step 1

Get in touch and let’s get to know each other. We can chat, virtually or face to face, and get to hear about your business, your vision, your goals. You can ask us tonnes of questions too and we’ll share how we work and how we can support you.


Step 2

Together we’ll agree a plan of action. This will include the project stages, outcomes (obviously!), measurables, timing, budgets. So you’ll be 100% clear on what we are working on for you at all times. We’re always approachable and at the end of the phone.


Step 3

We’ll meet regularly, usually monthly, to review work done and to agree the next steps. We work collaboratively and adapt and flex with any workload requirements you have. That’s the beauty of working with us – you can dial the workload up or down to suit.



Michelle and her team were instrumental in helping us develop and evolve our offer to provide bespoke stone floors and accessories for inside and outside the home. Thanks to their expertise and commitment, we were able to launch, publicise and promote Stamford Stone At Home across various platforms with instant results. We’re already planning our next phase of development together…

Laura Green

Director, Stamford Stone at Home


Slogans and Taglines

Slogans and taglines are great memory boosters for your business. Think ‘never knowingly undersold’ or ‘just do it’. You immediately know who we’re talking about – three small words for each and yet those words sum up a complete brand. It’s genius! At Ketchup, we work across many industries and have worked with brands in construction, retail, leisure, finance, law, human resources and we’ve created and built up completely fresh brands too. Whatever your sector, let the Ketchup creatives boost your brand.

Video Scripts

Videos can be a really powerful source of information. We love scripting narratives for our clients that tell a distinct story. This might be what your business does, or extolling the virtues of a particular product or service you provide. We thrive on the challenge of turning the complex into compelling and the basics into brilliance. Be guided by the creatives at Ketchup – we’ll advise on content, optimum length, platforms and promotion.

Frequently Asked Questions

As much as you can give us! The more we know, the better. When we first get together, we’ll give you a copy briefing form which will cover what you hope to achieve with us, as well as ask you to think about your marketing objectives, your competitors, your target audience and the tone of voice you prefer. Sometimes things will occur to you after we’ve left the building (if we visit) so we’re always happy to discuss your plans and ideas over the phone or by email. We’re big on communication and staying in touch.
Well, we’re naturally biased but, with us, you’ll gain specialist knowledge, marketing expertise and a tonne of practical experience. In addition, you won’t incur recruitment costs, nor will you have to factor in holidays and sick leave, training and development. With Ketchup Marketing, you get breadth of experience from a team of marketing specialists who can hit the ground running. So, to answer your question, we say “YES!”
Ketchup has an impressive array of customers that it has worked for since it was founded in 2009. The industry sectors covered by our client base is vast and includes finance, legal, hospitality, retail, charity, construction, service industries, NHS, medical and HR. For more specific information, or to arrange a free one-hour consultation contact us today.
A copywriter creates promotional text to boost awareness of products and services – copy for letters, leaflets, brochures and adverts as well for marketing campaigns, content for websites, blogs and social media posts. It is important to ensure website copy and copy written for digital use is SEO optimised, helping drive traffic to the client’s website. Copywriting has nothing at all to do with copyright! If you’ve got more questions, call our copywriting desk on 01476 852990 for more information.

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