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Blogs / Social Media Posts

Driving web traffic. Raising your profile. Keeping connected. Commenting, reflecting, discussing topical issues. Entertaining. Engaging. Growing networks. Blogs and social media can deliver on all these aspects.

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Blogs / Social Media Posts

Web traffic is key and both blogs and social media posts are a great way to signpost visitors to your site. There are so many ways to approach creating a blog. You can be informative and offer top tips and industry insights, or you can take a more light-hearted, entertaining approach and drill down into a relevant subject from a totally unique angle. It’s the same with social media too. If you’re not sure what tone to take, let the copywriting team at Ketchup guide you.

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When a business has lots of content it needs to include in a website, it takes clever web development to ensure that the visitor isn’t bamboozled by reams of copy. We worked with leadership experts, emintell, creating and delivering a content-heavy site that is easy to navigate and quick to access content.

Blog Writing

Blogs are an extremely powerful source of SEO and will drive traffic to your site. Ketchup can provide a free website audit on your current blogs and can use this data insight to advise on new SEO-rich blog titles, word counts and keywords. These factors all help gain traction in the search engine organic rankings.

Short and informative. Long and chatty. Keyword-rich. Educational. Entertaining. Factual. Whatever you want to blog about – Ketchup can create your copy. We have penned prose on pretty much every topic – from beauty to building construction and from financial planning to flower arranging.

Social Media

We manage the social media function for many of our clients. The key is to know the audience for each platform and talk directly to them. We can advise social media strategy, providing a steer on which platforms are best, how often to post, what content to use etc and, just as importantly, we can help you track the results. We feedback all analytics to ensure your social media function is fully optimised. We can also devise social media ad campaigns and sponsored content too.

Our approach to blogs and social media posts


Step 1

Tell us all about your business – your products and services and what makes you the company your customers should choose. Tell us about your latest achievements, the questions your customers always ask, and we’ll devise a series of blogs and/or a social media calendar with ideas of topics to cover, what platforms to use and how often to post.


Step 2

We will recommend the social media accounts you should be using and format some templates to ensure your posts look like they have been professionally designed. We can devise a list of SEO rich topics which can be covered by a series of blogs – all designed to drive traffic to your website. We’ll also write them for you too if you would like us to.


Step 3

At Ketchup, we will guide your social media activities; we can manage your entire social media function or simply supply you with blog posts. If you are keen to create your own copy, we can advise on formats, word counts and keywords. However you choose to work with us, our dedicated team of creative copywriters will be on hand to support and help you at all times.



Since 2016, Ketchup has provided us with eye-catching web banners to promote our products. The team works quickly and creatively while taking the time to get to know our shoppers’ needs and translate these into fresh, engaging visuals. Ketchup has helped us to stand out against our competitors and made Moy Park chicken the hero of our categories.

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Multichannel Marketing Manager, Moy Park


Frequently Asked Questions

Blogs vary in length enormously, however, if you want rank for SEO, it’s best to write an article between 700 and 1,200 words long. If you’re in doubt, get in touch with the Ketchup copywriting team on 01476 852990 and they’ll be able to answer all your questions.
Always have a reason in mind for creating a blog. Are you trying to signpost people to your website or rank for certain keywords? The aim of a blog will help shape what to include. As a rule of thumb, always add links back to your website, headings to break up large blocks of copy, preferably a time at the top telling visitors how long it will take them to read the article and calls to action – get in touch, contact us, download our brochure etc. If you want to know more, get in touch with our copywriting team on 01476 852990.
Each platform has a different audience profile. You’ll need to marry your target audience(s) with the corresponding social platforms. For example, Instagram’s aimed at a younger market whereas Facebook and LinkedIn attract a slightly older market share.
No. Each platform has a different audience profile and a different content requirement. For example, Instagram is highly visual, whereas Facebook is more about the ‘story’. You’ll need to be clear about what you are trying to achieve with each platform – i.e. growing networks, engaging with your customers etc, and then work out the appropriate content to help achieve those aims.

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