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Business Content

UK consumers spent over £105 billion online in 2019
making business content more important than ever.

copywriting business content



Business Content

Digital is only a part of the story, there are so many other business copywriting services that are equally important. From corporate strategy to sales literature, email campaigns to brochures and reviews, it’s all critical content that the creatives on the Ketchup copywriting bench can whip up for you at any time.

We specialise in creating copy fit for purpose and aimed at a specific audience. We don’t write words just to fill space – we craft and hone texts to fulfil a specific aim – this could be to visit a website, read a blog, pick up a sales brochure, ask questions, write a review. We also manage internal communications within larger SMEs. And we don’t just write the copy – heck no! If you want us to, we can also advise on what content you should be producing, how often and to whom it should go.

Case study


Fusion Electrics

Outsourcing your marketing can be a very cost-effective way of gaining the best ROI. Our experts have been working with Fusion Electrics for almost a decade and in that time have led and managed their marketing, carried out a rebrand and supported the success and growth of the business.

Business Training

We create many training programmes, manuals, leaflets and presentations. We regularly produce informative blogs and training packages which we ourselves use and share with our clients. We also produce scripts for training videos, email content for training and online training manuals and videos. If you have a specific business training requirement, get in touch and we can advise on the format, style, tone of voice, length and key messaging. Whatever your business content requirements, you can tap into our creative copywriting services. 

Our approach to business content


Step 1

Tell us all about your business –  your aspirations, its strengths, what works well and where things have gone awry. We’ll celebrate and build on your successes and advise where other forms of strategic business communications will help you achieve future success.


Step 2

Once we’ve agreed on your business copywriting requirements (we do this by working collaboratively with you), we’ll set out a project timeline and end date (if appropriate). Many communications projects use different platforms and mediums to get across a marketing message. So we’ll be looking at the 360 picture.


Step 3

As your outsourced resource, we will advise, plan and manage your multichannel campaigns, ensuring you are optimising all opportunities for additional marketing along the way. Let our creative team elevate your business communications to another level. We can go stratospheric if you’re ready for the ride!



Michelle and ‘Team Red’ have supported Ripple since we first met in 2012 when Ripple Partners was founded. Michelle and I work well together as she is down to earth, tells it like it is and helps guide me with her infinite knowledge and wisdom regarding branding, marketing and web design. For an expert no nonsense approach – it’s ‘Team Red’ all the way.

Jane Batty

Founding Director, Ripple Partners Ltd


Content Strategy

We’re all about strategy. So whether you’re looking for a sales brochure, new website, email campaign, a series of adverts, or any other business copywriting services, you know we’ll always be looking at the bigger picture and working out how best to optimise your ROI on copywriting and marketing. And we’re masters at tone and can switch from technical and informative to crazy bananas in a heartbeat! So, whatever your business copywriting requirements – corporate and technical or wacky and entertaining – we will deliver.

Internal Communications

Internal communications are often overlooked. Businesses that build strong internal communications channels foster better staff engagement, improved production levels and greater loyalty to their employer. So, whether it’s internal newsletters, regular updates or postings, handbooks, internal style guides – whatever you are looking to produce – they all have their place. At Ketchup, we specialise in internal communications and have experience of working with global sales teams, large corporates with disparate offices and managing change communications for the NHS.

Frequently Asked Questions

There’s no set number of words to write for any particular form of communication. The best approach to creating business content is to determine what you are trying to achieve via your communication and then work back from this to understand what medium would be the best to use and how best to structure the piece. If you get stuck, give our friendly copywriting team a call, they’ll be pleased to help.
As much as you can give us! The more we know, the better. When we first get together, we’ll give you a copy briefing form which will cover what you hope to achieve with us, as well as ask you to think about your marketing objectives, your competitors, your target audience and the tone of voice you prefer. Sometimes things will occur to you after we’ve left the building (if we visit) so we’re always happy to discuss your plans and ideas over the phone or by email. We’re big on communication and staying in touch.
Internal communications can take many forms, from simple emails to corporate newsletters – there’s a whole host of mediums to choose from. It’s always best to start from the end point – what are you trying to achieve with this communication? Does it need to be regular or is it a one-off? How do your colleagues digest information? And what is the most effective format? Once you’ve got an idea of where you are aiming for, you will begin to have a clearer idea of the best medium for the job and the content required to fill it.
Tone is super important and yet often underestimated. Our copywriters take great care in reflecting the right tone for each of our clients. Writing styles can change enormously from the technical, educational tones, through to a chatty and informal style. It’s important to understand your audience before you attempt to write any copy.

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