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Newsletters & Brochures

Keep your readers connected by showcasing your business via the medium of a newsletter or brochure.

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Newsletters & Brochures

Our copywriting team hails from journalistic roots, so we’ll be looking for stories that are meaty and worth telling. We want to engage with your audience, we want to entertain them, educate them and tell them about your stories. We produce newsletters with inspirational content aimed specifically at your target audience. And we produce brochures that are both inspirational and aspirational. To achieve this, we bring together the cream of Ketchup’s creatives – our copywriters and graphic designers – and ‘kapow!’ – they create.

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Creating an awareness campaign around inclusion in the workplace requires a sensitive and considered approach. When we were asked to produce a brochure and poster portraying this message, our designers allowed their creativity to flow.

Newsletters & Brochures

If you’ve identified a need for a newsletter or brochure, let Ketchup guide you on content, platform, format, timing and frequency. We’ve got years of industry experience of launching and editing brochures, newsletters, email campaigns and producing in-house magazines.

Don’t miss the opportunity to tell others about how wonderful your business is, how great your products or services are and how you are at the forefront of your sector. Newsletters and brochures are also great for discussing upcoming product launches, exhibitions and future business plans. You can opt for digital or on-page – or a mix of both mediums. Let the creatives at Ketchup help keep you connected.

Our approach to newsletters and brochures


Step 1

Tell us all about your business – your products, your people and the stories behind them. We’ll help you champion the positives and present your business to the world via the medium of newsletters and brochures. You can opt for the traditional printed version or go digital. Let Ketchup advise on the best formats and help keep you connected.


Step 2

Once we’ve collaboratively agreed on your content requirements, we’ll set out a project timeline and end date (if appropriate). We can carry out all research required and any interviews needed to gather the relevant information. Or you can provide this for us. However you choose to work we’ll deliver a quality product that’s on-brand and drives measureable outcomes.


Step 3

As your chosen marketing agency, we will manage all your digital and printed collateral. We can advise on format, content, frequency. If you opt to use digital campaigns, we can evaluate each project, delivering detailed marketing metrics which will include open and bounce rates and subsequent website visits/conversions. However you choose to work with us, let Ketchup take the strain.



Shout out to Michelle and the amazing team at Ketchup Marketing for consistently delivering a fantastic service to us at The Melton Building Society. If you’re looking for a reliable, knowledgeable, modern and creative marketing agency for any of your marketing needs – go give them a follow and get in touch. You won’t be disappointed!

Dan Atkinson

Head of Sales & Marketing, The Melton Building Society


Case study



Creating focused, sharp, SEO-friendly copy for web pages, newsletters and promotional campaigns, Ketchup’s copywriters have written the narrative for the success story that is Fusion Electrics.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can produce a newsletter as often as you want to, the main priority is that it is being read and the information contained in it is relevant. If you are embarking on producing a corporate newsletter, why not take a small poll of employees, asking them what they want to see in each edition and how often they would like to receive it. If you want help creating some internal communications, talk to the team at Ketchup – we’re brimming with experience and ideas.
A newsletter usually focuses on stories about a particular industry, a company’s products and services and any relevant information or contacts. A brochure is often used as more of a sales tool, highlighting products or services and including testimonials, reviews and other content designed to make the reader keen to engage with the brand.

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