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Website Content

Users spend an average of just 5.59 seconds per page looking at a website’s written content. So your copy has to be super sparkly!

website content copywriting



Website Content

Our website copywriting services cover research, content ideas and copy creation. To date, we’ve built over 300 websites and populated the majority of these with copy created in-house. Our writers have a journalistic background and can produce crisp, SEO-friendly copy designed to propel your website towards the top of the organic search engine ranking lists. Working with our own SEO guru, we create keyword-rich copy for websites across all sectors.

Case study


Buckminster Venues

Ketchup Marketing has created a bespoke website promoting these two prestigious Leicestershire wedding venues and introduced an online profile for the venues across Facebook and Instagram which we populate regularly with targeted content feeds.

Blog Writing

Blogs are a great way of communicating with your web visitors. You can keep audiences up-to-date with company information, or entertain and educate them with relevant industry insights or tie-ups with other businesses or charities. When SEO-friendly blogs are written, they can dramatically improve your visibility in search engine listings. Whatever you want to blog about – Ketchup can create your copy.


Sleek product descriptions and a real focus on describing the benefits of a product is what keeps our e-commerce copy jumping off the page. Clear descriptions, written in a language that your target audience will identify with, is our approach. We focus heavily on automated customer messaging – order confirmations, delivery tracking and after-sales follow-ups – we nail all of this. With Ketchup, you can guarantee all e-commerce copy will be compelling and engaging throughout your customer sales journey and beyond.

Our approach to website content


Step 1

Tell us all about your business, your products and services and what makes your company the one your customers should use. We’ll want to hear about your industry and how you compare to your competitors. We’ll be interested in the breadth of your services, your audience sectors and what kind of website content you would like us to deliver. We’ll then use this information to create your web content.


Step 2

Once we have, collaboratively, agreed on the overall copy content, we’ll set out a project timeline and delivery date. We’ll research SEO terms and produce a list of keywords and copy lengths to ensure your pages will rank organically in the search engines (if required). We’ll advise you on additional pages you might want to include, such as FAQs and case studies to add depth to your online information offering.


Step 3

At Ketchup, our experienced journalists will guide you through the process of populating your website pages. We can show you how to write your own content and support you with this, or, if you’d prefer, we can create web copy on your behalf. Whichever way you choose to work, our copywriting team will always be on hand. You can be sure that Ketchup Marketing will be by your side every step of the way.



I have been using Ketchup Marketing for over nine years to build and maintain the Juniper-Ash Website and manage our marketing activities. I have always found the Ketchup team to be friendly, knowledgeable and available to help whenever it’s needed. Their KetchupProtect service gives me peace of mind every month that my website and email security is up-to-date and compliant with current data protection laws.

Liz Stevens

Managing Director, Juniper-Ash Decorating


Website Content and Copy

Many businesses have a mountain of information they want included in their website. As experienced website copywriters, we can reduce and structure that information into website pages that are SEO optimised, easy to read, provide all the information required and are set out in a way that the user experience (UX) is optimised. In addition to producing website copy for many years, we are also experienced in organising, restructuring and editing existing web content to help improve your site.

If you would like your website reviewed, why not take advantage of our free website audit.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are trying to rank for SEO, your web pages do have to be a certain length. We recommend between 1,000 and 2,500 for SEO purposes. If you’re not trying to rank, anything over 300 words is acceptable. Whatever your ultimate goal is when writing a blog, it’s important to structure your page content carefully. Read our blog on how to create web content to find out more.
Keywords can be very important for websites as they help raise the organic ranking of a site. We’ve written a blog on how to create web content which is full of helpful information. Take a look…

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