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Content Marketing

Educational. Engaging. Persuasive.
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content marketing



Content Marketing

The content you create for your business is vital: it educates audiences; it engages and persuades them to buy your product or services rather than choosing a competitor. We’re a content marketing agency focused on producing persuasive copy designed to build trust in your brand and improve conversion rates. Let Ketchup’s team of experienced copywriters help keep you connected with your customers.

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Outsourcing your marketing can be a very cost-effective way of gaining the best ROI. Our experts have been working with Fusion Electrics for almost a decade and in that time have led and managed their marketing, carried out a rebrand and supported the success and growth of the business.

Email Marketing

Our content marketing services include data capture and the creation of targeted email marketing campaigns. We’ve been successfully educating our clients’ customers for many years via the production of carefully crafted emails designed to drive up web traffic and increase sales. Loyal customers are often those that feel invested in a company. Our email campaigns are designed to be eye-catching and full of relevant content.

If you need additional support we can source data (contact addresses for specific audience groups). For each email campaign, we provide full data analysis showing all distribution statistics including opens, bounce rates etc.

PR & Media

Spreading the word about your company is vital for growth. Building relations with the media and other PR platforms is a great way to maximise your company’s visibility without having to book costly advertising space.

At Ketchup, we’ve got years of experience of working with the local and national media and managing the publication of press releases into industry magazines and journals.

Our approach to Content Marketing


Step 1

Get in touch and let’s chat. We can do this virtually or face to face if you would prefer. We will want to get to know you better – and we want you to have the chance to get to know us too! We’ll be asking you about your target audiences: their age range, their hobby choices; the car they drive, or maybe the meals they cook. All this information helps us to build a picture of how your customers access information.


Step 2

We’ll review your marketing collateral – leaflets, brochures, website, business cards – to see how you’ve presented your business to your customer base. We’ll make suggestions which might focus on the continuity of your branding or content tone. We can carry out free audits of your website, social media and SEO functions and feedback on the areas that work well and others that need fixing.


Step 3

We’ll delve into your industry sector and review all the marketing opportunities available within your budget. We will compile a marketing plan, complete with timescales, showing how we can optimise your content and why this is important for your business. Our ultimate aim is to grow your business in line with your corporate goals and we’ve been doing this successfully for over 11 years now!



We are enormously pleased with our finished design and look forward to seeing how the website works for us in the future. We are excited about continuing to work with Ketchup with regards to SEO and regular blogging and are also thinking of further ways to extend our site.

Joanne Skinner

Director, Fusion Electrics


Social Media

Creating social media content requires a clear vision of your business persona. As your content marketing agency, we can help devise a comprehensive social media strategy with content suggestions, platform choices and timings. We will work with you recommending organic postings and if there’s a strategic requirement, paid social posts.

Alternatively, we can create the content for you and post on your specified platforms. Whatever the level of support you require, let Ketchup take the strain.


Videos are an absolute favourite type of content for consumers and often a necessary tool in the information-gathering stage of a buyer’s journey. Whether on blogs, social media, your website, or any advertising format, short videos are effortless to consume and are brilliant for building brand awareness and trust.

Just seconds of video can hold so much information making this format one of the most valued methods of communication.

Frequently Asked Questions

Content marketing is the process of building relationships with targeted audiences via various types of media.
Content marketing is a multi-channel approach that combines social media posts, with SEO research and email marketing campaigns.
Content marketing focuses on creating relevant, valuable and engaging content to attract and retain clearly defined audiences. It’s often not focused on a particular product or service, more on influencing customers, solving problems they might have, or enticing them to feel positively about a particular brand.

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