Search Engine Optimisation

SEO isn’t a dark art with Ketchup Marketing at your side. We’ll optimise your online profile with complete transparency so you can see exactly how we do what we do!




Search Engine Optimisation

Everyone wants to rank at the top of Google’s listings and other search engines such as BING, however, not everyone deserves to be there. Using the SEO skill base at Ketchup Marketing, let us tailor an SEO approach aimed at achieving significantly higher visibility for your business.

At Ketchup Marketing we have years of SEO experience under our collective belt and with Google constantly updating their algorithms, it is important to keep up-to-date with how things are changing in the SEO world. Let us protect you from any future Google updates and changes, ensuring your business continues to rank well in spite of the constantly evolving SEO landscape. We’ll even carry out a Free website audit to get you on track straight away.

Case study



The Ketchup team is delighted to be working with Dufrain, one of the UK’s leading data management companies.

As their full-service, outsourced marketing agency, Ketchup has delivered a groundbreaking marketing strategy, along with a brand new, mobile-first designed website that is fully search engine optimised (SEO).

In addition, we are providing ongoing SEO, search engine marketing (SEM) and pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, as well as a full social media strategy to boost Dufrain’s online market presence.


The job of a search engine is to direct visitors to websites and content that is relevant to their search. There’s four significant elements that search engines look for: content, performance, domain authority and user experience. If you get these areas set up correctly, it is likely your site will rank highly in the organic search listings. As your SEO agency, we can quickly identify any areas of your website that could be improved and create a bespoke SEO plan to boost the profile of your business.

Our approach to SEO


Step 1

Tell us about your business objectives. We can carry out a free SEO audit to gain an insight into what is working well and which areas could be improved. It might be that your keyword searches aren’t delivering the best results, or that your competitors are ranking much higher for keywords that you should be using too. Once we have given visibility to the areas of concern, we will create an SEO plan to address these issues.


Step 2

We’ll be looking at your SEO from all angles. By definition, SEO is the process of optimising your website to attract organic/unpaid traffic from the search engine listings pages. So, we’ll be creating and using the right keywords to improve visitor traffic. And we’ll be reviewing and assessing your website coding – it’s vital that this is optimised for SEO purposes too. We’ll gather all necessary metrics to determine the next steps.


Step 3

As your digital agency, we won’t try and bamboozle you with technical jargon; our approach is the reverse, we’ll discuss the SEO options available and advise on a plan to cover off these issues. SEO campaigns do need time to evolve before results are seen, so it is important to have a planned campaign that runs over a period of months. We’ll recommend running your SEO campaign for a minimum of six months.



We are enormously pleased with our finished design and look forward to seeing how the website works for us in the future. We are excited about continuing to work with Ketchup with regards to SEO and regular blogging and are also thinking of further ways to extend our site.

Joanne Skinner

Director, Fusion Electrics


Frequently Asked Questions

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) refers to the art of designing and creating a website which is search engine friendly. It’s about making sure your website has the right structure and the right words in both copy and code, having lots of relevant content and getting other websites to link to yours (the latter improves your ranking status). Search engines are continually updating their algorithms which, in turn, affects how they evaluate and rank content. In this fast-changing, ever-evolving market, tasking the experts to create SEO friendly sites is more important than ever before. We always recommend applying SEO best practice across all content, combined with smart development behind the scenes. It’s often seen as a bit of a dark art. Be reassured, we’re great at it and we have a dedicated expert on the case at all times!
On-page SEO involves optimising your website and making changes on the title, meta tags, site structure and content. Off-page SEO involves building backlinks (links that lead back to your site) and using social media to promote links to your site.

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