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Video marketing

Video continues to dominate the internet, with 85% of all internet users watching online video content. If you’d like to harness the power of video marketing for your brand, you’re in the right place.

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Video marketing services

By partnering with us, you get access to over a decade of experience, as well as an entire team to craft your video marketing strategy. However straightforward or complex your vision, you’ll benefit from a talented videographer, 4k footage, expert video editing, and all the digital marketing know-how necessary to make sure your video is seen by the right people.

Your video marketing strategy

With Ketchup as your video marketing agency, you can be sure of a great return on investment for every video. We don’t believe in pushing video for the sake of it; we work with your brand to determine the right type of video for you and your clients to create a valuable sales tool. Amassing a huge number of views doesn’t always equate to  successful video content marketing. It’s important to separate out the vanity metrics and focus on real results for your business. By fostering meaningful audience engagement, we help you to build long-term brand awareness and increase the lifetime value of each customer.

Our approach to video marketing

Video content planning

Video content planning

To ensure that your video marketing strategy is successful, it’s important to plan out your video content in advance. From identifying your target audience and their pain points to determining the right type of video to meet their needs, we’ll work with you to create a complete plan so you see the best results from your campaign. Depending on the scope of your strategy, we’ll storyboard your video and draw up a complete shot list to make sure we get everything we need when it comes to the shoot.

Lights, camera, action!

Lights, camera, action!

We’ll make sure you know well in advance what we need from you on the day of filming, so you can prepare the necessary products and locations – and mentally prepare for stepping in front of the camera if necessary! Don’t worry too much, though. We’re masters at helping clients to relax and feel comfortable throughout the shoot. If we’re filming outside, there may need to be some flexibility to accommodate the Great British weather, but we’ll keep you up to date before, during and after the shoot so you always know what’s happening.

Video editing & sharing

Video editing & sharing

Once we’ve got all the footage we need, we’ll move to the editing process and create the first cut of your video. We usually deliver corporate videos within two weeks of filming, so you won’t have long to wait for the premiere. At this point, you can request any tweaks to perfect the final footage, and then it’s time to start sharing your video online. Take advantage of our social media marketing service to ensure that your masterpiece reaches the far corners of the net and gets seen by the right people.

Video content marketing

Ketchup is a video marketing agency with a finger on the pulse of digital marketing, social media and content marketing. Our experience means that we know which types of video perform well for different industries, and how to incorporate them into a comprehensive marketing strategy. From explainer videos and product demonstrations to testimonials and meet-the-team videos, there’s no end to the valuable video content we can help you to create and share with your audience to increase your qualified leads.

However big or small your brand, we’d love to support your video marketing campaign.

Frequently Asked Questions

We film everything in 4K and usually supply the film to our clients in 1080p (HD) so it can stream more efficiently on mobile devices and 4G networks. However, we will happily send film across in 4K if requested.
Video marketing is extremely versatile and is a great way to increase engagement for brands in just about every sector. If you’re interested in video but not sure whether it’s right for you, get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to talk about the ways it can support your overall marketing strategy.
Whatever video content marketing you need, we can help! Our video marketing services include videos for social media, product demonstrations, testimonial videos, videos for events, how-to and explainer videos, adverts and more.
There are two main types of video shoot that we offer: A simple shoot where we grab lots of footage to use as needed, or a comprehensive shoot including storyboarding and preparing a shoot list to achieve a specific end result. Whichever option you choose, we’ll plan everything with you beforehand so you know what to prepare, and we’ll talk you through the whole process to put you at ease in front of the camera.

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