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Digital Design

It’s graphic design on steroids: Supercharged imagery and typography often with animation and interactivity!

digital design



Digital Design

We can help you design the perfect digital graphics for your company website, social ads or email newsletters. Engage Ketchup creatives and see your online presence soar. We’ll work with you, making sure your digital output is punchy, memorable, on brand and reflective of your company values.

Case study


Harlaxton Manor

Telling a story with design and showcasing the journey of a wedding day is all in a day’s work for our talented graphic designers. The brief, from a luxury wedding venue, to deliver a digital brochure designed to inspire couples to book a tour, was completed and exceeded with bespoke animations and illustrations to really bring this brochure alive.

Digital Advertising

Digital ads come in all shapes and sizes. It takes technical skill and solid graphic design experience to produce banners and interactive pages in all formats to work across all sites. At Ketchup, our digital advertising campaigns are punchy, on brand and designed to get your message across to your desired audience in milliseconds.

Our graphics team works closely with our web coders to ensure that the designs look just as glorious across all responsive platforms!

Our approach to Digital Design


Step 1

Tell us all about your brand – your colours and what your company values are. We’ll ask who your competitors are, and we’ll want to find out what they are doing. We’ll be looking for ways of presenting your business so that it stands out above the noise and is visually memorable.


Step 2

We’ll begin the concept work, creating mood boards and ideas for you to consider. We’ll look at your market sector and see how we can promote your brand in a way that resonates with your existing customers and reaches out to new markets. We work collaboratively,  always listening to your ideas.


Step 3

We’ll keep you updated throughout your project. You will get direct access to our designers and can discuss details with someone working on your project whenever you wish. We’re a friendly bunch who enjoy producing outstanding results and always stay the course until the job’s complete.


Email Marketing

The average recipient spends approximately 1.1 seconds scanning an email prior to deciding whether to read or abandon the message. That’s why graphic design for email marketing is so important to the success of your campaign. So whether you have a new product to shout about, are moving offices, or simply just want to say “hi” to your customers (whilst offering them a cheeky discount, of course!), let our super-skilled creatives help.

Our graphics team are experts at producing eye-catching, on-brand, appealing newsletters and emails designed to get your message across perfectly. In addition, we can help build data lists and produce follow up campaigns.

Case study


Moy Park

Producing web banners for the world’s largest dedicated online grocery retailer is no mean feat! An exceptionally detailed customer profiling exercise allowed us to pluck the right copy tone and imagery to produce digital banners in super tight turnaround times. We know we’ve got this cracked!



Since 2016, Ketchup has provided us with eye-catching web banners to promote our products. The team works quickly and creatively while taking the time to get to know our shoppers’ needs and translate these into fresh, engaging visuals. Ketchup has helped us to stand out against our competitors and made Moy Park chicken the hero of our categories.

Matthew Hales

Multichannel Marketing Manager, Moy Park


Graphic Design for Websites

It’s all about user experience (UX). Our graphic designers are always focused on ensuring that visitors to their sites get an excellent UX: easy navigation, clear content, clean page designs – they are all important.

As well as managing the navigation aspects, we’ll also take your branding and subtly use key elements of it – colours, tones, fonts – throughout your site, ensuring your company branding works coherently site-wide. And we’ll choose imagery that creates the right tone for your brand.

We’ve been known to get so involved our clients have asked us to manage their stands for them too!

Mobile Responsive

Over 50% of all global website traffic is generated from a mobile device. So, designing for responsive sites requires the ability to translate a great page design into differing formats.

That might sound easy, but trust us, it’s not always that simple! Designing for mobile responsive sites involves understanding the user journey for different platforms and ensuring that the customer gets as good an experience browsing on their laptop as they do on their phone. We make this happen every time.  

Frequently Asked Questions

The main difference between graphic and digital design is that graphic design involves static imagery – logos, pictures, magazine layouts, while digital design incorporates movement (videos, animations, interactive elements) and can also include audio and sound effects.
We create banner ads for a leading global food supplier. We can turn around briefs quickly and effectively. Get in touch with Ketchup Marketing today to discuss your digital marketing campaign.
When designing websites, we all talk about the UX experience – the user experience. Designing sites that make using the site a good and positive experience is key. This involves the design of the entire process of acquiring and integrating the product, including aspects of branding, design, usability and function.

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