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Logo & Brand Design

Discerning audiences and crowded markets call for impactful and memorable designs that reflect the right impression and tone of your business.




Logo & Brand Design

Logos and brand creation requires both artistic flair and strategic know-how. Our team of dedicated specialists include graphic designers, copywriters, marketing strategists and digital experts. When we take on a logo design or branding exercise, we huddle – bringing the brightest minds together. The results are stunning.

Case study



Find out how a Ketchup marketing strategy and web development project took a life sciences consultancy to page one of Google organic listings in just a matter of weeks. Combine that with an input of graphic design in the form of a rebrand and complete content review and see how the results “delighted” our client.

Logo & Brand Design

When we embark on a logo and brand design we focus on colour, fonts, your target audience and your competition.

These designs have to work across all formats, in all sizes. So we create using these key elements: simplicity; scalability; memorability; versatility and relevancy. We create visuals to last!

Our approach to Logo & Brand Design


Step 1

We’ll need to know about your business. We’ll be looking at the aesthetic, wanting to present your brand values and qualities in the most visually appealing way we can. We’ll be working out how best to reflect your company values and personality in a visual and memorable way. We’ll be looking for impact and we’ll be making sure we give your brand the leading edge over your competitors.


Step 2

We’ll work up a series of concepts. We’ll discuss the visuals and the wider meanings too. We’ll be working collaboratively with you to make sure your new logo or branding exactly reflects how you want your business to be perceived. We’ll pull out all the stops to ensure that our creativity makes your business the one that people remember. With Ketchup by your side you know you’re covered.


Step 3

We’ll work closely with you throughout the project. You will get direct access to our designers at all times and will always have the opportunity to discuss the detail with someone who is actually working on your project. We’re a friendly and helpful bunch and we always aim to produce outstanding results. Be reassured that we will always stay the course until the job in hand is complete.



Ketchup is highly creative, responsive and efficient. They come highly recommended.

Anthony Walker

Alacrita Consulting



We can produce personalised merchandising for your business. We can customise your marketing giveaways and corporate gifts with your logo and brand design. We’ve produced all kinds of merch in the past including bespoke notebooks, pens, mugs, stress balls and coasters.

And then there are the less obvious items such as stone coasters, moneyboxes and our favourite – an unbranded iPhone in a white box with just one telephone number stored in it!

Signage/Billboard Design

Signs and billboards sit at the high-profile end of any marketing campaign. They’re big and bold and not for the faint-hearted. You have to get them right. You have seconds to get your brand and your message across, so copy and images are key.

In addition to creating your adverts, we can also source the right advertising space for you. When we book space for our clients, we take great care in matching up the right advertising space and medium.

Vehicle Livery

Make your vehicles more cost-effective by using them as mobile advertising opportunities. It’s a brilliantly cost-effective way of promoting your profile locally (or nationally if you have a fleet). We can create designs that highlight your brand and give it extra weight and credibility. We can wrap any model of vehicle and can offer a variety of livery options.

Let the creatives at Ketchup help you squeeze some extra ROI from your vehicles.

Frequently Asked Questions

When we create a logo, we will supply it to you in a variety of digital and print formats so you can easily apply it to various platforms – social media, your online content and use it in printed formats too. 
There’s lots of information that helps our design team to create the right logo for our clients. We often use a briefing form to help get you thinking about your business, it’s personality and how we could best reflect this is a new logo. If you would like a copy of our briefing form to help with your new logo plans, fill in our enquiries form. Alternatively, you can read our blog entitled Logo Design.
The main difference between graphic and digital design is that graphic design involves static imagery – logos, pictures, magazine layouts, while digital design incorporates movement (videos, animations, interactive elements) and can also include audio and sound effects.

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