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Event Management

Peacocking your brand is a great way to spread your net. It’s high profile and often at high cost – so make sure your brand is in experienced hands.



Event Management

Looking for an events management company? Let Ketchup help you squeeze every marketing pound out of your budget. We can help increase ROI by maximising publicity pre, during and post-event. We regularly manage large, national events and exhibitions for many of our clients.nce.

Event Marketing

Will the world ever return to normal post COVID? We think it will, and when it does, we’re here ready and waiting to help you promote your brand. Event marketing is a process – it has a start, middle and end and we like to maximise every marketing opportunity along the way – making the absolute most of your ROI.

From initial identification of a suitable event to exhibit at, through to the final follow up customer contact at the end of the project, you can guarantee Ketchup has you covered every step of the way. 

Our approach to Event Management


Step 1

Get in touch and let’s chat about the event you have in mind. It might be a one-off or part of a roadshow. We’ll be asking you about budgets, timeframes and what deliverables you are hoping to secure. In order to maximise your ROI we like to start your event marketing between 6 and 12 months prior to the actual event date. This allows us time to maximise pre-event publicity and ensure we have secured coverage in all the relevant trade publications and show materials.


Step 2

We can review past exhibitions and look at ways to develop and build on an existing approach. Our favoured option, however, is to start from scratch, creating exciting concepts and flat artwork for you to review. Once you’ve signed these off, we can create 3D models (if required) and work with other industry specialists who will build your bespoke stand to our exact requirements. The results we’ve achieved to date have been stunning.


Step 3

Aside from getting the concepts and designs nailed, our pre-event management services include sourcing events to attend, booking all media advertising space, liaising with the event organisers, design and build of the stand, creating supporting marketing collateral and merchandising and driving footfall. Prior to your event, we will devise data capture initiatives which help gather information to be used in any post-event follow up.


Case study


Stamford Stone

Exhibitions can be the perfect format to show off your wares, particularly if your products are exclusive, stunning and highly sought-after. We’ve been working with Stamford Stone, booking and managing their exhibitions, boosting their local, regional, national and global reputation.



Working with an agency who always takes the time to understand our business, our aspirations and our products is really important to us. It’s been a very exciting year for everyone at Stamford Stone with the acquisition of a third quarry and a fantastic new website to sit alongside Stamford Stone At Home, launched in Autumn 2017. Promoting our stone at exhibitions is working incredibly well, thanks to the expertise of Michelle and her network of expert suppliers. We know our marketing is in very safe hands.

Dan Wilson

Director, Stamford Stone


Frequently Asked Questions

We always keep up with industry news and events for each of our clients so that we can advise on relevant exhibitions and events they might want to consider. If you need some help shaping your events calendar, get in touch with us on 01476 852990.
We can organise all aspects of your event management, from the initial booking of the event space, to creating the stand and marketing collateral, organising the pre-event publicity, right through to managing the event itself, capturing data and carrying out any follow up email campaigns.
We can organise any size of event. From a small business gathering to attendance at one of the UK’s leading corporate venues. Whatever your needs, get in touch to discuss all your requirements.

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