marketing consultancy

Marketing Consultancy

Make your ROI stretch further and achieve the results you are after with a focused marketing strategy.

marketing consultancy



Marketing Consultancy

Investing in some professional marketing consultancy will allow you to align your business goals with targeted marketing which can be monitored and measured. We work closely with our clients helping them to plan short, medium and longer term marketing activities to ensure their brand and their business goes from strength to strength.

Case study


Stamford Stone

Exhibitions can be the perfect format to show off your wares, particularly if your products are exclusive, stunning and highly sought-after. We’ve been working with Stamford Stone for almost a decade, booking and managing their exhibitions and boosting their local, regional, national and global reputation.

Marketing Consultancy

If you commission Ketchup to carry out some marketing consultancy, you can be assured that you are in safe hands. We’ve been helping our clients to grow their businesses via multi-channel marketing campaigns aimed at building brand awareness, increasing brand value, focusing on target audiences and generating sales leads.


Our retained clients gain many benefits by choosing this working agreement. Firstly, their marketing cost per hour comes at a significantly reduced rate. Secondly, you choose (with our guidance) what hours you want to commission per month. Thirdly, you can change those hours at short notice to either ramp up, or cut down your marketing spend, so you get great flexibility. Fourthly, we track all our hours so you can see at the end of each month where your money has been spent. Any spare hours are rolled over to the following month, so you never lose out. Finally, we get to create campaigns that can grow over time with monthly activities mapped out, giving flexibility to deal with any emergencies. Ketchup marketing plans are typically produced for time frames of 3 or 6 months – with any unused budget rolled forward. Our focus always is to build solid and consistent success for your brand.



Michelle and her team were instrumental in helping us develop and evolve our offer to provide bespoke stone floors and accessories for inside and outside the home. Thanks to their expertise and commitment, we were able to launch, publicise and promote Stamford Stone At Home across various platforms with instant results. We’re already planning our next phase of development together…

Laura Green

Director, Stamford Stone at Home


Our approach to Marketing Consultancy


Step 1

Get in touch and tell us about your business goals. We’ll be interested to hear where are you hoping to be in five years’ time, what’s the profile of your most profitable customer and what audiences would you like to be selling to or selling more to? We’ll take time to listen to all your business and financial goals.


Step 2

Once we’ve gained an overview of where you are hoping to take your business, we’ll begin to introduce marketing strategies involving multi-channel approaches, to begin to achieve some of your objectives. So, whether you are looking to grow your brand, or bring in new business, we’re here to help.


Step 3

We’ll put to work our experience – decades of it – gained across blue-chip corporates, SMEs and owner/manager businesses. We will also draw upon our wide industry knowledge, as we regularly work with clients across all industry sectors with both B2B and B2C audiences.


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