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Sales Management

We love solving the challenge of selling better, selling more collaboratively, selling with more fun.

In short – selling more.

sales management



Sales Management

At Ketchup, we’re passionate about sales. Yes, we really are. We love solving the challenge of selling better, selling more collaboratively, selling with more fun, selling with fewer returns. In short – selling more. We see many brands with high profiles, but that doesn’t automatically equal success. What’s far more important is the metrics and management behind the scenes.

Our in-house sales expert has a deep knowledge and practical experience of sales leadership and management earned over several decades of working across industries including telecoms, IT, manufacturing, customer experience, and cybersecurity. These roles have encompassed B2B sales, consumer sales, direct and indirect (channel sales).

Pipeline Management

Leads often begin life in the form of just a scrap of information. “Did you know Martin down the road is looking to: change his car/upgrade his computer system/buy another holiday home?” This information, to the right salesperson, can be invaluable.

Turning this knowledge into a potential lead is the easy part. However, from this point onwards, the lead needs to be carefully managed to ensure they don’t fall out of the pipeline and instead progress with velocity to become opportunities. The ultimate goal is to create more business and a higher conversion rate from the same amount of leads.

There are different types of leads: there’s the marketing qualified leads and sales qualified leads. Which type you have depends on whereabouts in the sales funnel that lead is.

One of the important stages of pipeline management is the handover from the marketing activities, which will have provided the lead in the first place, to sales. Where this line is positioned varies from organisation to organisation and can often be the point that causes problems and lost sales opportunities.

Sales Process

Timing is key in any sales process and will vary company to company, and lead to lead. You can make the same approach to the same company in two different weeks, and depending on many variances, one approach could result in sale lost and the other in sale won. The differing outcomes can be simply down to timing and yet everything else is down to product, service, personality, training, enthusiasm, organisation and can therefore be influenced.

Our approach to Sales Management


Step 1

Whether you are looking for some short or longer-term sales team management or help with your overall business development, Ketchup Marketing can help, so get in touch. We’ve experience of working and managing teams across all sales disciplines and can devise a bespoke development programme tailored to your needs.


Step 2

And why not let us help your customers find their ‘happy’ space! Happy customers are loyal customers who often come back time and time again. We’ll devise and deliver campaigns, strategies and plans to help you keep your customers happy, safe and secure. Let us show you how we can enhance your sales retention stats.


Step 3

In sales, it’s especially important to continually learn, grow and borrow methods and ideas from others. We’re a flexible bunch and will deliver training to your preference. You can choose for us to visit your premises or you can come to either of our two office locations based in the leafy village of Buckminster or the heart of Nottingham? If you’d prefer, we can present virtually.


Case study


S&W Process Engineering

We began working on one website with this client, and ended up designing and developing two more! We’ve created corporate branding across the S&W Group, with individual elements for each business. In addition, we’ve introduced a telesales function to generate awareness and sales leads.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is all about results! Sales management helps drive your sales numbers and deliverables through directing your people to focus on the right things, establish if they need further training, and looking at current processes. We can help with everything from design and implementation of commission schemes, simplifying the employee and customer journeys to helping to get the best from your CRM or any system (spreadsheet for example) you are using to track leads and opportunities. Our support can be tailored to suit your needs. A fresh set of eyes with years of successful experience can deliver long term sustainable results.
Most commercial businesses want to attract interest in their organisation to gain more customers which, in turn, drives revenue and growth. This activity supports company spend, drives better services and ultimately attracts a higher calibre of people to work in your organisation, who can then deliver these additions to the customer base. So you can see, it goes full circle. Investment and improvements build the ability to continue this upward trajectory of success. The ‘circle of improvement’ begins with marketing activities; networking, referrals, events, etc. Getting out and about, meeting people, spreading the word will begin to build awareness of your company/brand. This is an activity that many do well, however, it’s the follow up after these events that make this work count. From your activities, your company will produce leads and with some extra work, some of these leads will become opportunities. In turn, those opportunities will, hopefully, convert to sales of your products and services.
Campaigns to drive more business can feel frustrating if you’ve invested huge amounts of time, effort and budget to a project which gathers a batch of leads or opportunities that are then abandoned, left too long or approached with the wrong messaging. Or sometimes there are just too many leads that fall out of an unclear or unplanned process to end up getting over the sales finish line, which then has a negative effect on the full ROI of the campaign. Either way, the result is frustrated marketeers, salespeople and business owners. Yet all these interested parties have been let down by a process – not necessarily by themselves. If only this pipeline management challenge could be addressed, then you could drive the marketeers and salespeople to focus on the activities that bring the greatest ROI. Get in touch with Ketchup Marketing today and get your sales on track.

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