8am, June 10th 2014.

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The moment the .uk was born

What’s in a domain name? Actually, quite a lot. Like a regional accent, a name gives a vivid pointer to a company’s country of origin, its working sphere and all the attendant pre-conceived notions that march alongside nationality. For businesses, being inextricably linked with British-ness can be a distinct plus. Consumers and buyers of services prefer dealing with a company that is identifiably operating from the UK.

So it follows that the newly-launched .uk confers many benefits
As always, Ketchup’s web specialists – oh alright, geeks – are on hand to advise you how to gain the most momentum from the newly launched domain, and add value to your business. But here are a few of the main benefits you could access.

First of all, there’s the aforementioned issue of trust. Consumers across England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales are much more comfortable dealing with a British company, and even overseas customers have a high regard for the integrity of UK companies. So the obvious and most immediate way of waving the Union Jack is by attaching .uk to your company’s name.

Focus on the traffic
By being more punchy and direct, the .uk domain throws the emphasis back onto your brand name – making it more powerful and modern-sounding. Being shorter, it is also much easier to remember, crucial in the fast moving swirl that is internet marketing. If no-one remembers your name, no-one will be visiting your site.

Smarter for smart phones
Registering this new domain also makes it easier and quicker for users of smart phones and tablets to contact you – vitally important when you remember the percentages of people who now use mobile devices for shopping.

Extra flexibility
.uk will also sit very tidily alongside your existing domain name, giving you extra flexibility to add websites, URL shorteners and redirects to your existing marketing effort; allowing you to target, separate and quantify the responses to your communications with clients.

Evict the squatters
To maintain the sanctity of your personal or company name you need to put up the barricades against squatters and competitors. People who would hi-jack your name or devise something similar and trade off your marketing efforts. Registering a .uk domain that is a version of your existing address(es) puts you back in control.

So that’s it. If you want to make the .uk your domain, talk to your outsourced marketing department about registering now. Call Michelle on 0330 088 9277 or use the contact form here.

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