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A-Z of Marketing: Lead Generation

January 30, 2015 8:23 am Published by Comments Off on A-Z of Marketing: Lead Generation

Generating leads is so important to ensuring that your business is successfully, so much so that we have even discussed it in a previous blog post.

A lead is someone who is interested in your products and services and therefore is more likely to become a customer. They will have made contact with your organisation in some way, for example, through the completion of an enquiry form on your website, and have been classed as a viable prospect for purchasing your products and services. The quality of the leads that you are generating says a lot about the effectiveness of your marketing and sales activity. The higher the quality of leads you are generating, the more effective your targeting and messages are. To ensure that you are bringing in the right leads you need to focus on the lead generation activities that you are carrying out.

So, why are effective lead generation activities essential to businesses these days? As the world grows, becomes more technical, and more businesses establish themselves, the competition gets much tougher. It isn’t easy to draw people into a business and keep them loyal any longer. Once you have found these leads, you then have to convince them that your company is worth looking at. Plan a pathway from finding the lead to warming them to your products and services, and then eventually buying from you.

Finding leads

To find high quality leads for your business you must be targeting the right people in the right way. Where can you access your target market? Is it through online advertising, social media, email marketing, or by driving them to your website through SEO and PPC advertising?

It is important to know and understand who you are targeting. You also need to put in place a system that will encourage your target customers to add their details to your marketing list so that you are able to send them targeted and relevant messages.

Some elements that you need to put into place to generate high quality leads include:

  • A good landing page – A landing page may just seem like an entrance into a website but it’s actually the first page that many visitors will see. If it isn’t good enough, you may find that visitors don’t progress and never return. Think of your landing page as the page that needs to capture the imagination of potential customers.
  • Data capture forms – As mentioned above, you could ask for information in exchange for a voucher or other opt-in offer. Whether it’s just a name and email address or more than that, it all helps.
  • Strong calls to action – Encourage your target customers to take action on your website. Whether it’s to claim a free voucher or go further into the site to look at new and exciting products, they need that nudge to become customers.

Lead generation is the key to business survival and the better quality of leads you can generate the more likely you are to see increased revenue. To get the best out of your lead generation activity you must make sure that all areas of your business are of the highest standard possible.

For help with your lead generation activity why not speak to the experts at Ketchup. Contact us today on 0330 088 9277 of complete our online enquiry form.

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