How to ‘kettle’ hundreds of new customers

September 6, 2012 2:52 pm Published by Comments Off on How to ‘kettle’ hundreds of new customers

Having the best product or service. Concentrating on customer service. Offering the most competitive prices. Working every hour and going that extra mile. You might as well not bother…if potential customers can’t find you in the first place.

Well, Ketchup Marketing is here to make sure they can – in fact, we have a way of ‘kettling’ huge numbers of customers, and then releasing them into your custody!

Time to face the facts

People find local businesses – everything from restaurants to plumbers – on the Internet. 73% of Internet searches are for local businesses. To grab those customers, you have to have a selling website (we can help you there).  And it has to feature strongly in search results, preferably high up the first page. This is vital: 82% of local searches produce a contact with a local business and 90% of searches result in a sale. 

So how do you make sure the crowds find your business? Again, we have the answer.

Ketchup put the kettle on

We’ve launched KCK – Ketchup’s Customer Kettling. It’s a monthly local business search package that gets you guaranteed exposure on Local Results – the most successful search method for customers looking for any type of local business. Customers don’t search for your website, 80% of them go to the search engine, and it finds you for them! So, for a single monthly fee, KCK will make sure you have a strong presence wherever customers are trying to find a product or service locally. KCK includes:

Your own page on Google.

Submission on Yahoo and Bing local referral programmes.

Prominent listings on mobile phones, maps, GPS systems and OnStar services.

Yellow Pages and social network portals and guides. 

KCK also means you can show potential customers your full range of brands and services, your certification and awards, testimonials from satisfied customers (Internet word-of-mouth!) and fast links to your main website. Try getting that into a Yellow Pages advert!

Yours for just £97 per month (+ VAT)

If you’re new to a market sector (or the Internet), if your customers look for specific products or services in a geographic area – tooth whitening in Leicestershire, for example – or you simply want to attract a substantial stream of new customers, talk to us about a 3-month KCK package. It’s an entry level service it terms of cost, but it puts you on Google, Yahoo and Bing. In the second month you can even have videos uploaded on multiple sites, including YouTube.

Our service includes free updates, as long as you are a client, monthly Google Places reporting, special offers added to your Google page, ongoing optimisation and the use of up to 10 stock or supplied photographs.

Click here and discover how KCK can prove to be the most cost effective way of rounding up hundreds of new customers.


Shhhh, the dog’s asleep

Life’s a pitch – part one

March 19, 2012 8:54 am Published by Comments Off on Life’s a pitch – part one

Life’s a pitch – part one

Busy isn’t it? We’re touching wood here, of course, but at the moment there aren’t enough hours in the day, days in the week, weeks in a month. Checking around, it’s not just our clients who are pushing through the work; the advertising and marketing industry as a whole seems to be pedalling furiously just to keep up.

Shhhh, the dog’s asleep

So why are we pitching for new clients? Isn’t that akin to waking up a dog you can’t feed? The point is that you can nurture contacts over a period of time, but you can’t choose the moment they invite you to pitch for their business. So it’s often a case of buckle up boys, here we go.

We recently presented our wares to The Caravan Company. And we didn’t exactly win ourselves a week in Great Yarmouth in a top-of-the-range Marauder. Or even in Gorleston-on-Sea, for that matter.

Off with the new. On with the old

Now, a lot of agencies cannot resist the glitter of prospecting for new clients. There be gold in them there accounts. But we make a point of putting keeping our clients long term, and that means them first.

So, for The Caravan Club we decided not to present creative work. After all, we reasoned, they can see our skill with words and design in our portfolio. So we concentrated on the thinking.

What, no crayons?

We discussed marketing strategy in some depth. We put together a marketing activity plan stretching over the next 12 months. We created on and off-line strategies. We talked about Search Engine Optimisation, Pay Per Click advertising and alternative revenue streams like eBay and online stores. We even put together some wire-frame layouts of sample web pages, just to give them an idea of the content.

Did we win the business? Does a Ferrari have a caravan hitch point?  Maybe we should have got the crayons out after all.

Life’s a pitch – part 2

Hairy spiders ...

Tangled Webs

August 26, 2011 3:38 pm Published by Comments Off on Tangled Webs

I was in Oz recently. While I was exploring the outback (well, out the back of the hotel anyway) I was lucky enough – if that’s the phrase – to meet a hairy old scary. Not a local sheep-shearer dressed as a Sheila; I came face-to-face with a bird-eating tarantula the size of a hand of bananas. And it didn’t look like it was in a good mood. Naturally, I reacted the only way any real man should: I shrieked like a cheerleader and backed rapidly away. As far away as the hotel bar.

After a couple of cold ones – and a good deal of checking that the Hairy One hadn’t followed me back – my thoughts naturally drifted from spiders to webs and from webs to the www.

Navigating the world-wide-web isn’t dissimilar to making your way through Australia.  As long as you’ve a guide – someone with you who understands the local wildlife – you’ll reach your destination and your customers will know where you are and how to find you.

That’s where Ketchup’s Search Engine Optimisation experts come in. They advise you on cunning ways to weave SEO words into your website copy, (we’re doing it now) so people can find you without even knowing your name. They’ll explain the difference between natural and paid types of SEO – and help you avoid some of the beasts: the spammers with poisoned tails, link stealing jellyfish with an unpleasant sting, and yes – bird-eating black hat SEO firms who exist solely lure you in for their own evil ends.

Think of Ketchup Marketing’s services as Bear Grylls.  We’re the experts in internet survival. We’ll guide you around the world of search engine optimisation; helping you avoid the predators and making sure you attract the levels of site traffic you need to maximise the business potential of your website.

Ketchup Marketing has already helped small, independent local businesses boost their customer base and grow into multi-county spanning monsters. We increased some of our clients’ waiting lists from three weeks to over two years.  So we know our SEO services will help your company develop a real presence in the harsh environment that is the Google rankings.

Just like my Australian tarantula, if you want more bite you have to become king of the web!

Talk to Ketchup Marketing – leaders in SEO Leicester – now, and discover how to increase your profits.


A panda.

August 5, 2011 3:12 pm Published by Comments Off on A panda.

A Panda.

Not such a useless, fat, evolutionarily-challenged blighter after all, then?

Long live Google’s Panda update. Encouraging well-crafted, motivating, selling advertising copy. Obviating the need to ram every sentence with key SEO words.

Very cute, that Panda. Frying spam in its own fat. Obliterating the requirement to write 500 words of gibberish, when 20 good ones would sell the product.

So Google Panda heralds a new era of copy written to convert readers into buyers. Rather than word lists designed to roll the gormless eye of the search engine towards the website.

Break out the Champagne there, Benson.

Mind you, SEO did sort the hacks from the hicks. Real copywriters accepted SEO as a challenge. As in, how many times can you squeeze a fat ‘luxury holidays in the Mediterranean’ into a 100-word piece of resort copy? And we all had our own tricks. You could do things with punctuation that the machine didn’t notice but the reader did. For example: “….complete luxury. Holidays in the Mediterranean are always…” See what we did there?

Of course, we were practiced. Before SEO we had Client Presentation Suicide. It was a game that involved picking a random word out of a hat and inserting it into your part of the presentation. No matter how inappropriate. You try slotting ‘liberty bodice’ into a creative rationale to a furniture manufacturer. It certainly adds to the stress, especially as the loser buys everyone else a fat lunch.

So thanks for the Panda, Google, but copywriters were slotting subliminal little buzz words into marketing copy long before SEO was ever possible. Don’t believe me?

Take this piece for example. Have you noticed how many times the word ‘fat’ appears?

Brando, Pacino and De Niro all rolled into one.

SEO: Not A Dark Art. Honest.

July 15, 2011 12:27 pm Published by Comments Off on SEO: Not A Dark Art. Honest.

Search engine optimisation.  Three simple words that, if you believe certain rumours from uninformed people, hide a dark world of manipulation and intrigue where seedy men in dark glasses spend their hours working out the ideal way to fool the big ‘G’.

I WISH it was that cool.  I can just imagine spending all day swaggering around, dressed in £8000 suits and voicing gravelled Sicilian orders into the flashiest mobile on the market.

I am Brando, Pacino and De Niro all rolled into one.  I am the tamer of the search engines.  I am the SEO Father.

Needless to say, the truth is rather different, with rather less sun-drenched orange groves and rather more excel spreadsheets.   A website gone busy, rather than a good man gone bad.

I might be getting carried away with the metaphor but the point is this:  SEO is an effective, cost-efficient and transparent way to improve how effective your website is.  Glamorous and mysterious?  Maybe not, but utilise search engine optimisation in the right way and your website will get an increase in visitors.  This will mean more enquiries, more sales and bigger profits, all without the need for men in dark glasses and slavering Alsatians.

Let’s see Al Pacino pull that off.

To find out more, get in contact with Ketchup Marketing – leaders in website design Leicester – now.

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