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Email Marketing

Intelligent email marketing plays a pivotal role in teaching people about your brand.

It’s a communication lifeline.

email marketing



Email Marketing

Relevant, engaging, timely messaging can be a great relationship and brand building tool. Our GDPR-compliant email campaigns encourage subscribers to revisit your website to gain insights and information from your content. At Ketchup Marketing, our emails combine crisp, targeted content, eye-catching design and plenty of calls to action.

Case study


Stamford Stone
at Home

Outsourcing your marketing can be a very cost-effective way of gaining the best ROI. We’ve been supporting Stamford Stone at Home since its launch with concept branding, marketing collateral, the design and build of a fully-responsive, large website, email campaigns, media advertising, newsletters, email marketing and more.

Email Marketing activities

Email marketing is essential in any marketing mix. It’s fast, cheap and can be highly profitable. It plays a pivotal role in teaching people about your brand and keeping them engaged between purchases. Customers get to find out about your new products, discounts, offers and other services. You can also use email campaigns to educate your audience on the value of your brand.

Our approach to email marketing


Step 1

We’ll be keen to hear about your organisation, products and services and how you communicate with your audiences. Email marketing allows us to segment audiences and target specific messaging to each – this is the best way to deliver the highest response rates.


Step 2

We’ll be reviewing upcoming events and looking at industry news so that we can tailor your communications to fit. Successful email marketing requires good timing and relevant information, so we’ll be busy researching your industry sector and your competitors too!


Step 3

Our copy team will use its collective journalistic experience to sniff out ‘newsworthy’ stories and ensure that your content is relevant, timely, targeted and concise. We can advise on distribution and if you don’t have your own customer database, we can source and build your data.

We are enormously pleased with our finished design and look forward to seeing how the website works for us in the future. We are excited about continuing to work with Ketchup with regards to SEO and regular blogging and are also thinking of further ways to extend our site.

Joanne Skinner

Director, Fusion Electrics



If you haven’t got robust customer data, don’t worry. We can source data for you and we can help build your own data resources over time, so that your future email campaigns will have optimised data.

Frequently Asked Questions

Email marketing encourages people to do business with you. It’s a great tool for communicating business information, however, a word of caution here, you do need to build trust with your audience – so be choosy about what your email subjects are.
Firstly you need to identify what goals you want to set – ie. Are you using email for customer retention, or to up sell or cross sell products? Once you’ve done this, you need to make sure your email marketing asks/persuades subscribers to act in the way you want them to – ie. Read a blog/check out a product etc.
There are many metrics you can use to check the success of an email campaign. It could be an increase in web traffic, sales or views of a blog. If in doubt, let the team at Ketchup help guide you smoothly through the email marketing journey.

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